HTML5 game banners solutions are becoming the norm as HTML5 makes developing cross screen banners, microsites and websites easier than ever. This rise in more engaging marketing is great for all industries, but it offers an even more natural fit for the entertainment industry, which is also all about keeping audiences engaged. Below are a few ways rich media for entertainment can get audiences more excited about the shows and movies coming their way.

Rich media for entertainment: Gaming is a great way to go

Gamification ads is a great way to engage users about almost any product. Entertainment products are no different. Creating Gamified ads within your rich media banners can help users get to know characters better, understand plots and premises, and learn about the story at hand. Using this approach can not only build a bigger audience for a premier, but can be used even after a premier to build loyalty to the characters in the movie, TV show or even a book that’s being promoted.

Some examples of gaming in rich media advertising campaigns include:

  • Quizzes
  • Contests
  • Drawing images
  • Sweepstakes, and more

Rich media for entertainment: Social media matters

When it comes to marketing entertainment, social media is golden. Getting people to share videos from whatever you are promoting is a great strategy. Enticing users to create their own content to share is another way to build buzz and excitement about any entertainment product.

Rich media for entertainment: Video and animation

If you’re promoting an animated movie or show, then animation in your rich media solution is a given. But animation is just one approach. Video and image galleries are also highly effective ways to increase user engagement in any entertainment product.

Rich media for entertainment: Create microsites

Another smart tactic is to create a show or movie-themed microsite where users can learn more about a show or movie and its characters and actors. Your rich media campaign can be used to drive users to this site to learn more and built more excitement for the premiere.

Game ads: It’s showtime!

The use of HTML5 is making entertainment marketing more engaging than ever. Be sure that whatever rich media campaign you create has easy, fun navigation to guide the user through your experience—along with strong call to action buttons to get them to act on your main goal.  Good luck and have fun with it.