Digital Production

You have a stack of great ideas. We’ll turn them into realities. Fast

We develop a variety of ad campaigns for agencies, AdTech platforms, publishers and brands.
  • Rich Media ads and HTML5 standard banners
  • Healthcare and Pharma Digital Ads
  • HTML Responsive Emails
  • Custom Creative and Game ads
  • Interactive Landing pages and Microsites
  • Rich media and HTML5 standard banners

    Audiences aren’t banner blind – they’re banner bored.
    We’ll help you grab their attention with high-impact rich media and HTML5 standard banners.

  • Micro videos

    Micro videos are the perfect ‘snackable’ content for branding, social media and more. We can bring any number of images to life. Don’t have the assets? No problem. We’ll create custom, branded micro videos that are high-impact and shareworthy.

  • Custom Creative and Game ads

    Interactive ads (like game ads and 360 ads) are the perfect way to connect with your target audience and build better brand recognition.

  • Dynamic banners and campaigns

    Next to creative, data and targeting are the two most powerful parts of a successful ad campaign. We’ll help you leverage the technology behind dynamic banners and campaigns, so you can hit your target metrics faster.

  • Interactive landing pages and microsites

    Think beyond your HTML5 ad. Interactive landing pages and microsites are the perfect companion to (or standalone alternative to) your HTML5 ad campaign.

  • Healthcare and pharma digital ads

    Time is of the essence. And we’re experienced at navigating the complex approvals process behind healthcare and pharma ad campaigns.

Peace of mind

We test across multiple browsers, devices and platforms to ensure your campaign works (and tracks) flawlessly.

  • Browser Testing
  • Device Testing
  • Platform Testing
  • Click Tag Testing
Save time and minimize back-and-forth

We’re certified on multiple AdTech platforms. Let us upload your creative assets to the ad server and troubleshoot any issues on the spot.

Do more with a DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partner

Turn your display advertising ideas into realities with Digitaland. We’re a trusted and proven DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partner.

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