There is a growing trend in corporate Digital Banner Production marketing that is sure to make anyone who grew up spending all day playing Nintendo proud. It’s called gamification—or the process of rewarding consumers for their actions through game thinking and prizes. It’s more than just buzzword, too. Gamification Ads is being used to create better engagement across a variety of business areas, including:

  • Corporate training
  • Improved employee efficiency
  • Consumer campaigns,
  • Better HR practices, and much more

In short, by engaging more customers through games, companies can quickly and effectively increase their ROI. And that’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Gamification AdsThe rise of games ads in rich media 

If you were to Google the term, Wikipedia would tell you that gamification is the “use of game mechanics in a non game context to entice user engagement.” Airlines have been using a form of it for years in the “miles and rewards” type programs. But lately gaming has been dominating the digital space.

While many marketers and CEOs still have their doubts and hesitancy to use games in marketing, one place where it is really taking off is in rich media. That’s because—through the use of Flash capabilities—rich media banners can provide animation, banner expansion, moving design elements and improved interactivity and dwell time. Basically, rich media banner are the perfect playground for gamification because they allow for a lot more creativity.

* example of rich media game we did for Renault >>click to play
Game Ads

Game Ads

One example of using games in rich media banters is something that AETNA did—they added a game platform that encouraged both their employees and their customers to start living a healthier, happy lifestyle. It helped users monitor their own health goals and increase success in all areas of health—most users logged on up to for times per week.
The Utility industry is known to be using gamification as a an educational tool to get people to waste less energy. Gameplay sticks in a customers mind and gets the message across better.

* this banner game was made for Jumbo inspired by the famous Simon game >> Click to play
Gaminfication Ads

Gaminfication Ads

Rich Media Ads in games

Rich Media Ads in games

It’s a win for forward thinking companies

For any company looking to create a more engaging user experience to their banners and Responsive Ads , smart gameplay is a very effective strategy. And remember, more engaged customers lead to better Return on Investment, right? It’s been reported that nearly seventy

percent of companies around the world will be using gamification in banner ads and presentations in the next year. And that almost half of all companies seeking funding mention want to use gamification in their marketing and HR practices.

Side note: it’s important to mention that more than half of games in rich media don’t succeed because they aren’t thought out. It is critically important that good business goals and strategies are decided and employed upfront in order for gaming in the digital space to be effective long-term.

Games in the social space—it has helped promote the trend

The growth of social networking and smartphone apps has helped increase the trend in ramification across the board. In fact, after many companies saw the addictive success of Angry Birds. Farm town and Candy Crush, the corporate interest in using games to build ROI really started to get some traction. The buzz continues to build.

HTML5 game banners  – Just get in the game

In short, gamification in rich media can be a really smart investment that can yield big returns if it is done correctly. But remember to set your business objectives at the start and really hold to them. It’s important to “keep your eye on the ball” and know your goals. Then once your strategy is in place, just get in the game the HTML5 game banners. Your customers, your employees (and your company’s bottom line) will thank you.