You want your advertising to move people emotionally. How do you do that? Rich media advertising is getting the views, the clicks and the budgets, that traditional advertising can only watch with envy.

Ads that actually get views.

A recent study showed that rich media ads had 297% more viewers than traditional banners ads. What does this tell you? Simply that people need movement in an ad. They want to interact with it. While static ads get occasional glances, rich media ads deliver an engaging interactive experience.

How rich media ads invite interaction

Thanks to HTML5 and other technology breakthroughs, rich media ads can get bigger or smaller, float, change shape, play video and audio, run games, and much more. The viewer has the controls to enter, engage, explore, find answers and buy. And you get rich data from the process.

High impact ads

High impact ads

Imagine you are a customer looking at a rich media ad

The headline seems irresistible. You have to click it, and guess what: the ad expands, a product appears, and that’s just the beginning. A whole stack of files can be clicked and come to life. You can drill down to product features, review and ratings. You can connect to Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest. You’re not looking at an ad—you’re experiencing the magic of rich media.

Game on. Ready to play?

Rich media is perfect for gamification ads, the process of bringing game-like activities to promote a product or service.

Videos come to life

Your audience loves video and prefers it to text. Your rich media ads can have multiple videos that play with a click to tell your story and sell your brand.

in-stream video ads or 360 interactive video
360 Ads

360 Ads

360 ads provide an awesome all around experience

Wirh 360 ads You can take your audience on a tour of a store, explore a property from every angle, bring a big box store down to size, test drive an auto dealership—just a few examples! Ads have never performed in so many exciting ways.

The one-stop experience

Of course you love visits to your website. But rich media ads can provide tons of information right out front where the impact and interaction are immediate. You can help visitors find a store, use a coupon, send a tweet, add a review, enter a contest, and open an account. It short, it’s a whole new cross screen experiences – inviting the customer to explore, learn, compare and purchase. Kind of like a salesperson, but without all the questions.

Rich media is transformative  To understand the power of rich media, think about the ancient world of television. The first sets were black and white, and people were ecstatic. Then color television was introduced, and black and white went dark while color captured the imagination and viewers.

Rich media advertising tells a similar story

The static banner ads was once the hero of online advertising.  Now it has been eclipsed by rich media ads. These ads are vastly superior, providing an experience for the viewer and big data and analytics for you.

“Deep” is another way to describe “rich”

Beyond the two dimensional, rich media ads can have a whole stack of interactive elements just waiting to be activated by the viewer. Ads respond to audience interests, and brand building finally makes sense.

Playable Ads

Playable Ads

A gold mine for business

With rich media ads you have easy access to more and better data and analytic insights. You can get personal with your audience, learning how they interact with your ad: where they go, what they like, how long they look, what they see, when they click through and why they buy. This valuable information can help you strategize, target, create, and connect with your audience segments.

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