In today’s fast moving, fast evolving world, you can’t just build rich media advertising for one screen. It needs to work across devices and brands so that it can impact a user where the live, work, tweet and play. With the launch of HTML5, building cross screen rich media solutions has become easier than ever, too. More HTML5 cross screen ads and responsive websites are popping up everyday. Here are five from brands we like, and we think you will too.

RIO 2 Promotion

This totally responsive rich media ad is totally responsive between mobile and desktop screens and brings fun features to each. We particularly like the feature that when viewing on mobile a simple tilt of the smartphone makes the monkey move. Nice video, too.  this ad was build using Spark flow HTML5 cross screen studio

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Cross screen experiences - rio

Cross screen experiences – rio

Mercedes Benz

Just as the Mercedes Benz automobile conveys class, quality and style, so does this high-end cross screen ads built with HTML5. With no hitch in performance, this experience uses stunning photos, clever copy and interesting galleries to allow users to have a stunning 360 view of the car, see other models and even sign up for a test drive. The site works great on both mobile and larger screens.

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mer - High impact creative

mer – High impact creative

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Living World Parallax Site 

Living World is a translation agency that has no trouble translating it’s message thanks to this innovative HTML5 cross screen web re-launch. The challenge was to build a site that would captivate users and create an interactive customer journey without the use of images, videos and other typical rich media features. The solution was to create a parallax site that isn’t bloated with large Flash files, but instead uses HTML5 boilerplate scripting to minimize CSS. It worked.

Ba Ba Dum Responsive Site 

HTML5 cross screen ads could learn a lot from this innovative “play and learn” responsive website created using HTML5. Created for Ba Ba Dum, this site boast five different games that can be played in nine different languages. It is designed with powerful graphics and a well-balance color scheme and the user interface is extremely easy to use from screen to screen. The sites animation and gaming options are very engaging and fun, too.

The Music Bed Site

The Music Bed tells a great story that HTML5 ads – Cross screen experiences can learn from. the story of what it does. Through site design, it allows users to instantly know it’s a music licensing site while hooking the emotions of users with engaging images and video. It was also designed with tablets in mind—large text and icons and a left navigation ensure it’s easy to use on mobile and tablet devices as more people migrate from desktop computers.

HTML5 Validator

These are just a few HTML5 cross screen ads and web solutions that we find engaging. As cross screen development becomes the norm, look out for many, many more.