Ads on Facebook are getting more frequent all the time. Every few posts, your scrolling is interrupted by another ad. It’s a great way to reach a lot of people with your brand. Unfortunately, if it’s not done right, those people will just tune it out and keep scrolling. So what kind of ads are most effective for getting people to stop and take notice? Playable ads. Here’s how you can make Facebook playable ads work for your brand.

What Is a Playable Ad?

Facebook playable ads or game ads are interactive ads that let the user play a game or otherwise manipulate the ad environment in some way. These ads are eye-catching and inviting, and providing people an opportunity to interact is a great way to engage them.

The most obvious use for these games ads is in promoting an actual game. Before users sign up for your game server, they can first play a quick preview, to see what it’s like. The ad includes a controller graphic at the bottom to indicate that it’s playable. You can do anything from solve a logic puzzle to arrange different colored objects in sequence to shoot an enemy.

Of course, while “playable” implies games by nature, you can do a lot more with Facebook playable ads than just that. You don’t even necessarily need to include an actual game in your playable ad. When used correctly, gamification provides a whole host of practical uses for brand promotion, for just about any product or service.

Practical Uses for Gamification Ads

Gamification is effective in a variety of different situations. By giving people the opportunity to interact with your brand and providing them with a promised outcome if they do, you stimulate the reward centers in their brain. This will make them more likely to want to continue interacting with your brand, to continue reaping those rewards.

Say you have a language learning app. A playable ad could allow the user to translate simple words from other languages into English, and vice versa, before prompting them to download your app. You’ve already gotten them engaged in learning the language. Now they’re more likely to want to continue.

Or maybe your company sells clothing and fashion. A playable ad could allow users to customize a particular article of clothing to be different colors, or to see it on models with different body types.

You can even create personalized video or game ads that are tailored to the individual user. An add for a dating app, for example, could be personalized with the user’s location, gender, and sexual preference (all of which they often have listed on Facebook), and let them scroll through a preview of available singles in their area.

The most high impact ads on Facebook are the ones that don’t just catch people’s attention, but actually engage them. Game ads and other types of playable ads are one of the most effective ways of doing that. By hooking the user with a game, you’re already more than halfway to your goal of getting them invested in what you have to offer and wanting to know and experience more. By knowing exactly how to use gamification to maximize rewards, you can draw people to your brand in all sorts of ways. How will you use Facebook playable ads to boost your social media marketing game?

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