Dynamic creative offers personalized video ads that are built-in real-time from when the ad request is sent to a server, pulling different creative elements based on the use, environment and other factors. 

To help you understand, here are dynamic creative examples you can implement:

1) People-based targeting

People-based targeting is an ad technique that targets people instead of devices.

This technique involves collecting offline customer data like email, address, phone number and marital status, all information living in your CRM or loyalty database. The data is then matched to an individual’s digital information including browsing habits. 

Next, the profiles are distributed to media platforms that you work with and reach the exact customers you would like to target. This means that instead of targeting males in the 30s who like to travel, you have two variations of the same video with dynamic offers. 


Dynamic location-relevant per the user

Unique offer 10% trip to Chicago

Family user

Offer –  20% , 2 night +20%

2) Using advertiser CRM first-party data

First-party data is information collected directly from your customers or audience. This information includes data in your CRM. 

Use the first-party data to create personalized video ads. The data collected offers you an improved insight into the customer interests and needs, so you can serve them with content that feels personalized.

Pulling the user favorite flavor data from the CRM and delivering a unique offer.

3) Social personalization

Dynamic creative optimization technology and artificial intelligence allow the scaling of personalized creative ad campaigns on Instagram and Facebook by creating thousands of versions of a single video ad. Social personalization of video ads helps your campaign breakthrough the engagement noise on Facebook using a video personalization engine. 

You can create personalized video ads using a combination of data from Facebook, third-party entities, as well as your own first-party data.

Some of the customizations available include highlighting the different call to actions, graphics, and messages that help Facebook and Instagram users find their closest location where your service or product is sold.


Dynamic creative examples

4) Time of the day + location

The beauty of using time and geo-targeting in your dynamic creative is that you get an opportunity to drill down to the granular level. 

For instance, you can localize the video ads using familiar imagery or copy specific to regions and cities. Further, you can create local promotions based on whether it is morning or evening and the viewer’s location, especially if there are physical stores you would like to draw people to. 

Such campaigns do not require the manual production and coding of individual banners, so all the products and services you show are relevant to local tastes at that time. In addition, you can also offer your messages in different languages if you are working with global locations.

NYC, Lunchtime strawberry and chicken salad                      NJ, Dinner time, Asian sesame 


5)  Weather-based targeting

Demand for certain services and products greatly depends on the weather. 

Data from third-party weather targeting tools like The Weather Company make it possible to programmatically fetch weather information and adjust your personalized video ads in a matter of minutes. 

Weather targeting means that you target an audience based on their local weather conditions, which triggers certain ads. 

For example, your weather targeted video ad will show creative A when it is hot and sunny, creative B when it is raining, and creative C when temperatures fall below 30F.

This means that at any time, there are different creative variants running in different parts of the country based on the local weather. 

Cold Weather in Chicago  VS Hot weather in NY 

The five dynamic creative examples above show that it is possible for marketers to increase customer reach and relevancy in the modern multi-screen world.

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