In recent years, playable ads have become a popular choice for pushing games and products to players and prospective customers.
The major reason they are so appealing is that they result in more conversions for marketers, and playable ads engage your users more than any other ad type.
If you are looking for more downloads and more installs, playable ads are certainly the way to go.
However, there are a few critical guidelines you should be aware of to ensure that your playable ads yield the best results.

Promote the most unique and best features of your app

A playable ad is usually under a minute long, so you have to say less to sell more.

Keep in mind that the ad is not an exact replica of your game therefore, make sure that you only include the most interesting and best game loop. Do not forget to include those features that separate you from the competitors’ apps in your industry.

However, keep the distinctive features to two or three; remember that you can say more with less!

Playable Ads ideas

Playable Ads ideas

Consider interactivity and make features clear from the beginning

Your playable ad should be immediately simple for your viewers and users to interact with, the more obvious it is the better for you. This means working at reducing any chances of confusing the audience with some interactive gif or anything similar.

Your ad should contain a simple set of instructions that allow players to complete specific tasks. For example, you can use short hints and pointers.

Facebook Playable Ads

Short and simple

The limited timeframe offered by playable ads means that you only have so much room to include some of your complicated features.

Further, if you make scoring difficult, the users will likely get frustrated, hurting your chances of having them install the app. Instead, remove those advanced features (as good as they are) and present a stripped-down version of your app, only maintaining what you consider as the most important element.

A simple version works best for you since it makes your audience want to download the app as they seek for something more challenging

Casino Playable Ad

Casino Playable Ad

However, simple is always not always the way

In many cases, such as in mobile gaming apps, the go-to method is offering easy chances to win, but sometimes a player losing can also lead to better conversion.

More clearly, include a losing option in the ad, but make it right by offering a big win.

For example, if marketing a service app, show players how choosing the wrong one – not your own – can lead to losses, and show the disadvantages.

Choosing the right service app – of course, your own – results in wins for the player, and leading them to download and install your app.

Have a clear CTA

It’s critical for each playable ad to feature an end screen with a strong call-to-action button and text.

Make the CTA button stand out using its font, size, border, color, and other elements.

At the same time, your CTA should be something interesting that encourages the player to advance to the “next level”, “conquer more worlds”, “earn huge savings”, and the like.

Facebook playable ad


Playable ads are the only marketing tools that interact directly with your users, and when done right, the ads should be engaging and fun at the first experience. This is something Digitaland can help you with, so get in touch today.


Rich Media Advertisements

Rich Media Advertisements

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