We frequently work with brands that are new to the world of rich media ads. Most of them have used standard banner ads in the past and are hesitant to explore high impact ad formats because of concerns about cost, complexity or adding another chore to their to-do and to-learn list.

The good news is, with the right digital production agency, rich media ads can be a seamless addition to any brand’s marketing strategy, enabling teams to develop high impact ad formats that connect more effectively with target audiences. These high quality banners don’t just drive key KPIs. They also deliver powerful insights to inform marketing strategies.

So, whether you’re a digital marketing pro or just dipping into the world of rich media ads, here are a few compelling reasons to get your team onboard for taking the plunge into a different breed of banner ads.

Rich media ads break through banner blindness

Creative Banner

Creative Banner

Banner blindness (and blocking) is an increasing phenomenon, as consumers grow tired of boring, irrelevant and intrusive ads. The good news is, your audience isn’t really tired of banner ads. They’re tired of bad banner ads. Brands that build compelling, high quality banners stand out from the noise and the competition. And the key to building compelling, high quality banners is using a high impact ad format.

Rich media capabilities – think interactivity, gamification elements, animation and dynamic campaigns – are at the core of today’s high impact ad formats. They ensure your banner ads stand out, just like this ad we built for Lightlife.

You’ll reach more people with HTML5 ads

Digital Creative Production

Digital Creative Production

Rich media ads look good and perform even better, displaying across multiple devices and platforms with ease. On the front end, they outperform standard banner ads on all counts: interaction rate, view time, brand lift and more. And on the backend, dynamic rich media ads open up a host of powerful possibilities for reaching more of your target audience.

Want dynamic banner campaigns that deliver targeted messages to the right audience at the right time, boosting brand awareness and click through rates? Rich media ads can do that. Want to go beyond high quality banners into other high impact ad formats? Look for a Digital Creative Production that’s experienced in building interactive emails, like this Lacoste example, for a multi-platform approach.

Or make the most of your resources and ask your Digital Creative Production about repurposing campaign assets for micro-videos on your brand platforms.

Rich media ads bring all your ideas to life

Interactive Agency

Interactive Agency

Unlike a standard banner, which has limited space and capabilities, you can bring any concept to life with rich media ads. Some of the best digital ads use high impact ad formats that include multiple animated frames, interactivity, 360 ads experiences and gamification, all made possible by rich media capabilities. Look no further for inspiration than this ad we built for Brown School of Professional Studies.

What does that mean for your brand? Now you can tell more memorable stories and connect with your audience, no matter what device they’re using to consume content.

The right Digital Creative Production makes your job easier

Dynamic banner ads

Dynamic banner ads

Adding rich media ads to your digital strategy shouldn’t make you break out in a cold sweat. The right Digital Creative Production can ensure your new high impact ad formats are seamlessly integrated into your current processes, so you can build high quality banners like the one we produced for CME Group.

Not sure how to start your search? First, consider your options: in-house, freelancer or agency. Then, ask around for recommendations – publishers and creative agencies can be a great resource, since they often have a short-list of go-to Digital Creative Production agencies. We put together a handy list of questions for screening potential Digital Creative Production partners. You can also download our free guide on how to manage your rich media banner project.

Do high impact ad formats cost more?

Dynamic Ads - Mobile ad banners

Dynamic Ads – Mobile ad banners

The short answer is yes, high impact ad formats are resource-intensive to produce, so the initial investment is higher than with a standard banner ad. But, just as banner ad formats have changed over the years, so has the digital advertising landscape and most importantly, consumers. Consumers now live in a multi-screen reality, with demands being made on their attention from every direction. They don’t just suffer from banner blindness. After non-stop interaction with increasingly complex content and technology, they’re experiencing banner boredom.  Rich media ads like the pictured Perricone MD ad, enable brands to build the type of high quality banners that stand out from a sea of content and competitors. Cross-screen experiences, interactivity, gamification elements, animation and more all work together to deliver an attention-grabbing experience, so your audience is more likely to interact with your banner ads and remember your brand later.

So, while rich media ads may cost more upfront, the increase in consumer reach and engagement makes the investment worth it, many times over.

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