In case you haven’t heard, Flash-based ads are on their last legs. HTML5 banner ads are the new kid on the block when it comes to rich media ads. But, that doesn’t mean it’s been an easy transition. Even for established media companies and digital media teams, the somewhat abrupt switch to HTML5-based rich media campaigns is resulting in a big learning curve.

Many digital media teams are looking at the new digital banner production landscape and asking one question.

How do you manage HTML banner projects?

How do you manage HTML5 banner projects?

We’ve talked about how to hire an awesome HTML5 banner developer and what designers need to know if they’re not familiar with HTML5 on here before. But, we haven’t tackled the ‘How to manage HTML5 banner project’ question yet. And many of our clients, usually account executives or project managers for digital media teams, are eager for an answer.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of our latest guide: How to Manage Your HTML5 Banner Project.

HTML5 Validator

A step-by-step guide to help you manage HTML5 banner projects better

This 34 page guide is the result of working with hundreds of clients on thousands of projects over the past decade and a half. We’ve always adopted and adapted to new industry developments quickly so our clients’ campaigns stay competitive and effective. When HTML5 banner ad technology emerged, we were ready. Now you can be, too.

In this guide, we’ve merged general digital banner production best practices with the unique demands of HTML5 banner campaigns.


Digitaland works: HTML5 Ads

Digitaland works: HTML5 Ads


Whether you’re new to HTML5 banner production or a veteran of digital display advertising, this guide will be a valuable resource. (And as always, if you still have a question, just reach out and let us know!)

A few of the things you’ll learn in this guide:

  • What HTML5 means for your digital banner production process and timelines (and why you should care)
  • The secrets to setting your HTML5 campaign up for success (while avoiding costly delays)
  • A field-tested blueprint for managing your campaign from start to finish (saving days or weeks of production time in the process)
  • The key to quick and easy troubleshooting (avoid missed deadlines)
  • And much more!

Still on the fence about whether you really need another eBook?

Why you need to understand rich media banner production

If you leverage the full potential of HTML5 technology in rich media ad campaigns, you can:

  • Meet client goals better (think budget and timelines)
  • Reach the target audiences faster (with engaging ads across multiple devices)

But to do that, you need to have a handle on digital production. Whether you outsource your digital production or develop campaigns in house, understanding every stage of your HTML5 banner campaigns enables you to deliver high-impact ad creative that’s on time and on budget.

If you don’t understand HTML5 and rich media banner production, you’re often at the mercy (or limits) of your digital production partner when it comes to best practices and getting the most out of the technology.

Maximizing reach is more important than ever

Rich Media Agency: Gaminfication Ads

Rich Media Agency: Gaminfication Ads

Consumers are on multiple devices and platforms, slogging through more distractions than ever and getting better about blocking them out. But management wants you to do more with less.  Understanding how to manage your HTML banner projects is the first step to delivering/producing a high-impact campaign as quickly and affordably as possible.

We know the benefits to rich media ads: higher engagement, increased ad interactions and better click through rates. That means the new generation of HTML5 banner ads can deliver a better advertising experience for users. And when leveraged correctly, that translates to better ROI for your brand or clients. If you’re a media agency, you know that happy clients are more likely to be repeat clients.

Bottom line: learning how to manage your HTML5 banner project better will yield time and cost savings, making you and your team look good in the process.

Ready to produce high-quality HTML5 banner campaigns faster? Snag your free copy of How to Manage HTML5 Banner Projects below.


How to Manage HTML5 Banner Projects?

A step-by-step guide to producing on-time, on-budget rich media ad campaigns.

Click here:

A free step-by-step guide to producing on-time, on-budget rich media banners

A free step-by-step guide to producing on-time, on-budget rich media banners