Whether you’re managing your first banner ad campaign or your hundredth, you’re always looking for an edge to speed up digital production, right?

One of the biggest time vacuums during digital production is unexpected troubleshooting. i.e. Your digital production agency hits a snag while trying to translate your creative vision into a set of digital ads.

And there’s only one thing that can mean the difference between a quick resolution and a resource-intensive fix:

Your digital Digital creative agency should be able to code by hand.

Why advertisers should care about hand coded banner ads

Banner ad

Banner ad

Properly coded, optimized creative can mean the difference between delivering fast-loading banner ads with great viewability metrics and ads that bog down a page, driving your audience away.


Developing flawless rich media and HTML5 digital ads is code-intensive, time-intensive and requires a comprehensive understanding of HTML5.

Even with the slew of HTML5 development and rich media tools on the market, your digital production team still needs an in-depth working knowledge of HTML5, JavaScript and CSS to fully realize the potential of HTML5 technology, meet client goals and reach the target audiences.

Save time and money while building your digital ads

Best digital ads

Best digital ads

While many banner ad campaigns don’t need to be built by hand, the main reason we hand code at Digitaland (Digital creative agency) is simple: better quality control.

If there’s an issue with a banner, we can fix it quickly. And we don’t have to work within the confines of any tools or banner frameworks.

The result? Our strong hand coding capabilities speed up the production and troubleshooting process, saving our clients time and money.

That’s one reason we recommend that most enterprises steer clear of DIY banner builder tools. While they look fast, easy and affordable on the surface, any problems end up being resource-intensive to fix.

Simplify the Digital Creative Production partner screening process

HTML5 digital display ads

HTML5 digital display ads

We see what a difference hand coding makes for our clients’ budgets and timelines. That’s why we’re such strong proponents of working with a digital production team that knows how to code by hand.

In fact, three of the questions we recommend you ask any potential digital production partner address their hand coding skills:


  • Can you build digital ads from scratch?


      • Why this question is important: For simple banner ad campaigns, your digital production team may not need to hand code the initial round of your creative. But, it’s a requirement for complex ads, custom formats and the inevitable troubleshooting during the quality assurance process. Hand coding enables developers to work without limitations from frameworks and tools. It can mean the difference between a quick, creative solution and a costly delay.


  • How do you keep banner ad file sizes compact?


    • Why this question is important: File size is a one of the biggest challenges when building digital ads. The more tools and tricks your digital production partner knows to control file size and maintain quality, the faster you can launch your campaign. Strong hand coding skills provide your digital production agency with the flexibility and agility to transform even the heftiest of files into a fast-loading, high-impact banner ad.


  • Which banner ad frameworks have you worked with?


    • Why this question is important: The answer to this question can tell you a lot about a potential Digital Creative Production partner. While hands-on experience with a variety of frameworks can indicate a good fit, if your vendor relies solely on frameworks, brace yourself for an expensive troubleshooting stage. Frameworks are tools that streamline the banner ad building process. When they work well, everything moves along smoothly. But if your digital production agency hits a snag or limitation within your chosen framework, their troubleshooting efforts will be much shorter if they’re hand coding your campaign creative.

We’re big believers in quality tools that speed up the digital production process. But, tools aren’t always the answer. They come with their own set of limitations. It’s not a matter of if, but when your digital production team will face a roadblock that could be eliminated by hand coding.

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