Consider these figures: 

More than 500 million Tweets are published daily

Facebook has over 300 thousand photos uploaded and almost 4 million shares a minute

This means that using social and display advertising is a powerful channel to reach your targeted groups. In fact, social display banner ads offer you the most effective and fastest means of connecting to your ideal audience.

The small ads make the most of all information, so users only receive highly personalized ads. 

For example, have you noticed that you are on your social networks, banners that appear are mostly relevant to topics you have searched for or were interested in before?

The reasons why you should care about social media ads are easy to understand. Targeting technology allows you to reach a precise and specific group. Further, you can also activate conversation to create two-way ads, while measuring the success of each action and the entire campaign. 

social media ads

social media ads

Running Social Ads on Multiple Social Platforms

Which is the best way to invest in social banner ads?

Unfortunately, the answer is not in a platform with the maximum user base. Instead, there is no single correct answer. 

While deciding on which social media platform to use, you need to consider the persona of the main audience, the campaign type you are running, and how you can use the information to realized optimized ROI. 

social media

social media ads

social media ads exemples

To get you started on the right path, below is a short summary of social banner ads you can run on some of the platforms with the highest number of users: 

  • Facebook – Featuring the highest user base in the world, Facebook is a reliable and solid ad platform. Other advantages it brings to your campaign are the numerous and detailed segmentation choices available; from lookalike audiences to demographics.
  • Instagram – This is a visual platform where the user base is more inclined to double-tap numerous and various posts. Leverage the Instagram potential by learning from some examples you already like, and try emulating their strategy and focus on image and video optimization. 
  • Twitter – A little blue bird platform packed with interesting ad features to adapt your social ads to specific objects like app installs, conversion, and leads. Further, the Twitter Audience Platform lets you increase your potential audience. Make your social banner ads on Twitter even smarter by incorporating artificial intelligence.
  • Snapchat – While relatively new, Snapchat is where you will find a tech-savvy, very young audience. Your ads on this platform should be informal, fun, and relaxed. Offer users an opportunity to play around with your brand using Sponsored Lenses and Sponsored Geofilters. 
  • LinkedIn – The professional crowd prefers hanging out in this social media. LinkedIn is just right for your needs if you are targeting the corporate audience for B2B marketing.
  • YouTube – This is the closest you will get to traditional advertising like TV but on social media. Make the most of YouTube to tell the audience relevant stories. 
  • Pinterest – A social hotspot for businesses in the fashion, weddings, or cooking industries. 
find your audience with ads

find your audience with ads

Do you want to improve your social display banner ads on either of the platforms above? Get in touch with Digitaland today.