Developing Rich Media banner ads is a complex job—and for designers not familiar with HTML5 it just became more complex. With the recent move away from Flash, HTML5 has grown from an industry buzzword to the new standard for banner ad creation. Knowing HTML5 is more important than ever. We wrote this guide to help designers and html5 banner developers with this best practice in creating HTML5 banner ads.

Here is a short intro from the e-book feel free to click below and download we sure you will find it useful. Enjoy!

Introduction: HTML5 Banner Ads – Dynamic Rich Media

After emerging onto the digital landscape in 2012, HTML5 has grown from a promising industry buzzword to the new standard for banner ad creation among agencies and designers. The shift to HTML5 prominence came quickly after Google and Mozilla announced that their Chrome and Firefox browsers would stop playing various Flash content, leaving ads created in Flash at risk in the marketplace.

This shift has created a new and unexplored world for many designers, developers and any ad agency that previously relied on Flash and must now adapt to using HTML5 for banner ad creation.

The end result of using HTML5 to create banners will ultimately be a very positive thing for brands, agencies and publishers as it will make it easier to market to multiple screens. But in the meantime many designers may need a guide to HTML5 best practices, tools and tips. While HTML5 and the standards that will shape its use are still in flux and are continually evolving, this e-book can provide a current overview of best practices in creating HTML5 banner ads.

This guide of Digital creative agency will give you tips on –

  • What’s different with HTML5 – High Quality Banners
  • How to reduce files size through optimization
  • Tips for animation
  • In-banner video best practices, and more

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