Consumers aren’t dumb. In fact, they are more wired, more connected and more vocal than ever before. They also have more expectations from everything—their entertainment, their social platforms, their technology, and even their advertising. That’s where rich media comes in.

Rich media ads brings together all the elements that make consumers tick in today’s high-tech world. Rich media ads deliver sophisticated, engaging and efficient content that ties seamlessly with social and mobile to attract more customers than ever. And more customers mean a better ROI.

Research has already proven that rich media production outperforms static banners in nearly every category. Rich media has been shown to boost the performance of a campaign—from click through rates to conversions. Rich media is growing by leaps and bounds and is set to become the dominant marketing solution in the years to come.

That’s why companies who want to build better ROI should get on board now.

What’s the most effective format for you?

If you’re building a campaign and are wondering if a rich media format could help boost your performance, there are several key things to consider:

  • Who is your audience?
  • What is your market?
  • What are your ultimate goals? (Branding? CTR?)

Regardless of what format you choose, you need to know the answer to the above before you even start.

Best practices for ensuring rich media boosts your ROI

If you decide rich media is the way to go (and we assure you it is) consider a few best practices that should be followed whenever possible:

Keep customers coming back for more

Don’t just acquire new customers through rich media advertising, but be sure you have elements that also retain them.  By using engaging rich media ads first to new customers, you build brand awareness. By then incorporating mobile and social elements to online customers to continue building a good, solid relationship.

Don’t be redundant

Make sure your rich media complements your offline strategy, not just simply copies it. You can do more with rich media than in print, so take the experience of the campaign to a new, richer level.

Don’t lose them along the way

Make the rich media ad experience fun, but be sure that each page of the campaign has a way to drive your desired action.  Otherwise you could lose potential customers while they engage with your experience.  A call to action (CTA) should always be present. It matters.

These are just a few best practices for making sure rich media matters when it comes to your bottom line.  Stay tuned for many more to come.