Marketing—including rich media marketing—is all about connecting to your customer in the most engaging way. And over the last twenty years, the way that connection happens has changed drastically.

First there were dumb terminals. Then desktop computers. Then came laptop computers and now there are mobile devices (which includes a multitude of smartphones and tablets.) With each of these technology advancements, the need for better, richer digital marketing has become greater.

Now, with the coming of the “Internet of Things” (IoT), the need for rich media marketing solutions is about to be greater than ever.

Get ready to connect with everyone and everything in a whole new way

From Google glasses to connected cars, smart watches, smart tattoos, smart buildings and sensors on food, a gigantic wave of digital transformation is coming our way. This transformation is going to profoundly change the way information is shared and consumed by everyone. That includes rich media marketing.

This transformation may leave some companies behind. But it’s an exciting and opportunistic thing for brands that are already making the investment in rich media solutions.

Why IOT will help rich media agency?

The fact is, as more “things” become smarter and more connected to the user, Rich Media Production is going to have more vehicles and platforms to adhere to. It is predicted that in the next ten years there will be more than 50 billion things connected to the Internet. That’s enough for five or six smart devices for every person on the planet.

That means it is not just about computers, tablets and smartphones anymore. It’s about cars, buildings, roads, storefronts. Nearly everything will have a digital element to it. Wearable technology is already becoming popular and tomorrow’s wearable technology is going to keep users connected to images and media at all times, giving marketers new opportunities to engage with customers. While today’s self-monitoring devices like Fitbit will allow for people to track their movements and exercises, in the future similar devices will allow for video, banners and a host of other Rich Media Ads (HTML5 Ads) to be experienced by the user.

Imagine watching a banner slide across your bathroom mirror. Or messages flash and expand for riders in the backseat of your car. The possibilities are endlessly exciting for rich media professionals.

Data, data everywhere

The Internet of Things not only will connect more people to more things, it will also allow for the collecting of more data—and richer data—than ever before. Doctors will know more about their patients. Cooks will know more about their food. Farmers will know more about the cows or crops in their fields. Buildings will know more about the workers that they house. Homeowners will keep tighter control of their property and possessions. And rich media marketers will know more about their consumers—which means that the rich media advertising they create will be more targeted, more relevant (and more engaging) than ever.

Are you ready for the coming digital transformation? Every marketer or brand should be.

The Internet of Things will be about the connection and intersection between humans, data, procedures and things. The world will be getting smarter, so brands that want to engage with their customers will have to be smarter too. Rich media is the way to do just that.

If you are not engaging in rich media marketing solutions for your business or your brand already, then it is time to start. Getting ahead of the curve will keep you in the game when the Internet of Things transformation is complete.

Yoni Levy
Yoni Levy
 is the VP Managing Director of Digitaland. He has an extensive knowledge and global presence in managing digital campaigns , and he is a master in building and developing personal business relationships with key people in the market