With CES 2014 right pass us, and wearable technology is, ad will be getting more and more attention from big technology companies and consumers getting more and more used to the ideas of being connected everywhere and at any time, will the online advertising industry and the Digital Banner Production companie take that leap and storm into this niche?

Smart Glasses:

Digital ad - google-glasses

Digital ad – google-glasses

We are all familiar with Google Glass, which as much of a buzz is around it- is currently a notification only wearable piece of technology. Meaning- your google glasses must be paired to your smart phone for it to have internet access, GPD data, and more.

Yes- there are apps that you install on your Google glass device, and allow you to interact with the environment such as getting directions to a location or sharing images and video over social networks.

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And although it has the ability to “push” notifications on nearby deals, it still lacks the augmented reality part of it, which will allow it to display data and information on real life objects.

Imagine walking down the street and looking at a blank billboard with a QR code on it, and the QR code seamlessly transitions into a tailored promotion just for you!

There are a few more products out in the market, or in various development stages, that offer a bit more than google glasses.

Meta’s MetaPro allows much more visible area, but the concept is different at its base- these glasses will allow you to interact with your environment, by scanning in 3d the environment around you and displaying content on walls, tables and basically everything you can see.

This provides a better starting point for potential advertising- by knowing where you are and what you are actually looking at and displaying an ad/promotion in a non-obstructing way.

Opting in and providing ads only in specific locations where the advertiser knows the consumers path to conversion is the fastest (malls, shopping centers), and driving these notifications to your glasses or other wearable technology, will make sure you pay a bit more attention to them than to the phone tucked in your pocket.

Smart Watches:

Banner ad – smart-watches

As a more natural add onaccessory to a smart phone, and a less upfront device such as glasses (that not everyone will be inclined to wear), a new(ish) industry rises in the wearable technology niche, – the smart watches.

These watches can do anything from acting as a pedometer and help you follow your training run and diet, to display an incoming text message or a phone call (and even email and more).

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And same as in smart glasses, the market here is also fragmented in means of specifications and functionality, where some watches like the Galaxy gear (check the filmstrip banner we produced for note3 )must be paired to a smart phone in order to gain connectivity, and a notification ability other watches allow you to store a sim card and have cellular connectivity, which makes them a standalone hybrid of a watch + smart phone, completely eliminating the need to pair them with a smartphone.

The balance between online advertising and wearable technology should be kept very carefully, ‘invading’ the users’ space, especially on technology he wasn’t used to consume his advertisements on should be treated delicately, or pushing notifications on an hourly basis to a smart watch or smart glasses can turn very quickly into a negative experience, which can cause antagonism towards the brand or even having the manufacturer disable the advertising options if necessary at extreme scenarios.

And although smart wearable devices are already in the market, the manufactures are a bit hesitant to allow advertising on them (at least for the time being). Google prevents advertising using google glass, and most other glasses/watches are dependent on the applications developers build for them, so in theory the online advertising options are available- but not actively promoted.

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