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From business blogs to boardrooms, we are reading and hearing a lot about Big Data these days–data that gives greater insight into how to market to your consumers. As the buzz about Big Data builds, the next thing we will be hearing about is the best ways to analyze it. What if you could have all of your data, all of your analytics, in one easy to use web application? That’s what exactly what an analytic dashboard is—and it is going to be huge for marketers.

Just like a car’s dashboard is important for drivers, an analytic dashboard is an invaluable tool for marketers

Your car has a dashboard that gauges everything and gives you instant access to the information you need to drive and maintain your vehicle. The same thing can happen to your marketing when you have a great data analytic dashboard. Just imagine having one portal that brings it all together. All of your marketing channels—emails, HTML5 banner ads , rich media, social, TV, radio, print,eCommerce data and more—and puts the data you need to evaluate these channels easily in reach. All of your social channels and just how many people are reacting to each effort you put out. Even graphs and charts based on different segment groups, demographics, and more.

Data analytics is the wave of the future in Marketing

As every marketing effort becomes easier to track, the relevant data that is gathered from each effort is key to understanding what is working and what is not. Having a data analytic dashboard is the easiest way for the right people in your company to access important information and make smarter decision. An analytic dashboard can deliver many important benefits, including:

  • Provide the results and data you need to back up any future marketing decision
  • Tools to give you actionable insights, such as graphs, charts and easy to understand icons
  • Improve efficiency—no need to spend countless hours pouring over excel spreadsheets
  • Improve all of your cross channel marketing efforts

In short, having an analytic dashboard makes you more informed faster and easier than ever before. An effective dashboard will offer access to all data from all channels and offer customizable widgets and tools so that you can make it the most effective it can be for your specific marketing needs.

Iab standard banner – For example:

  • You can see performance media cost overview versus earned media overview
  • You can see your digital sales versus your digital investment to learn which channels perform best
  • You can customize your dashboard to meet objective goals—and get a quick view of where you’re standing at any given time
  • Know what keywords are working best for your brand bottom line

Data is the key to success. An analytic marketing dashboard is the tool that will get you there.

Putting data at your fingertips will be a critical act for successful marketers as digital marketing becomes the predominant form of advertising. Google understands this, and so does many other up and coming technology companies who are getting into the market.

With a data analytic dashboard in the right hands there will be less need for big and time-consuming meetings filled with too many minds trying to make sense of all the data in front of them. If you are a digital marketer, there is no reason to invest in this powerful new tools?

Yoni Levy is the VP Managing Director of Digitaland. He has an extensive knowledge and global presence in managing digital campaigns , and he is a master in building and developing personal business relationships with key people in the market.