Game ads and Playable Ads in digital marketing has been trending for a few years and is still proving to boost engagement and ROI for brands savvy enough to invest in . Basically game ads is the process of using gameplay to entice and reward users with prizes. Nowadays you can find gaming in many areas of a company, including training, HR practices and in marketing.

Rich Media Ads: HTML5 game banners

Video is also a rising digital marketing trend.  As online video becomes more popular and easier to produce, brands are quickly jumping on board to use it in emails, rich media ads and on their websites and landing pages.

Both gamification and video are effective marketing tools when used separately. But when used together, the combination is extremely powerful. Take for example Digitaland’s recent work with Nivea Men.

Video + Gaming + Biceps of Steel = Total engagement.

When Nivea needed a creative way to engage consumers with its Nivea Men line of face, hair and body products, Digitaland pulled out all stops to create an immersive experience that combined video, an interactive game ads, stunning photo galleries and more. Users were treated to a microsite that offered many fun ways to engage with the brand and the products.

The creative was developed in all HTML5  and included amazing features that included:

  • A fun video to appeal to a man’s. The video featured the creative’s five stylish heroes (all Nivea users, of course) who walk into a bar and compete in arm wrestling and other challenges. The video uses humor and attractive actors to engage with the audience and invite users to participate themselves with the call to action: “Men, it’s your turn.”
Interactive Agency

Interactive Agency

  • From the video users could then show of their “Biceps of Steel” in an interactive video game where the player “arm wrestled” an opponent by rapidly tapping on the screen or hitting a computer key. Other challenges were introduced and there were prizes—including the chance for the winner to win a bus ride with real Madrid soccer players.
Gaminfication Ads

Gaminfication Ads

  • The experience also allowed users to explore many other areas of the site where sliders and photo galleries touted all aspects of the Nivea Men brand: including hair products, skin products and more. There was also an opportunity to fill out a form to get free samples of Nivea products—a great way to capture leads.
Game Ads

Game Ads

Are you ready to engage? Gamification Ads!

If you are interested in exploring ways to use gamification, video—or both—in your brand’s digital marketing, Digitaland is here to help you get in the game ads .!!

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