When Atari first emerged in the seventies, the world of gaming instantly changed. Suddenly the living room TV screen became a brand new—and suddenly interactive—place to gather. Both kids and adults where glued to their screens as they interacted with joysticks and the gameplay in front of them. Fast forward to today. With the latest rich media advancements, playing games on a TV or computer screen have taken the next step. It makes everyone working in rich media ask—is the future of gaming in rich media banners? Will consumers actually engage with gaming banner ads that they can control from their smartphone?

The answer is yes!!.

Games ads (Playable Ads) has reached the next step

Digital creative agency (Digitaland) says that Gamified ads is not a new concept. Companies have been using gaming for many years to attract and reward customers. Frequent flyer programs, mileage programs and other loyalty initiatives are all built around the concept of gaming and rewards in order to better engage with their customers. It only makes sense that the use of gaming would come into the digital space.

Rich media banners are the perfect opportunity. Turning a static banner ad into something fun and playful is a great way to get attention and drive response.

Who’ll be first in the Gamification Ads?

Playable Ads

Playable Ads

As shown recently with the Super Sync Sports product from Google laboratories, it’s possible to now engage consumers in computer gaming and allow them to control the gameplay from their smartphone. With Super Sync Sports, you simply sinc your smartphone device to the action on the screen to make characters run, swim and perform other sporting feats. Goodbye joystick. Goodbye sore thumbs. This is the new gaming frontier.

Who else is showing promise in this new interactive frontier? Samsung Spain has recently completely rich media banner features the new smart TV product invite users to play and interact with the banner using their smartphone, indicating that gaming technology is going to be big in the digital marketing space.

Is gaming technology the future of HTML5 Banner Ads?

We all know that it’s getting harder to capture the consumer’s attention. If you are a company looking for the latest innovation in rich media banners, it might be prudent to consider how to bring gaming technology into the equation.

This shift into gaming has made rich media leaders and smart technology companies take notice. Most full service rich media digital agencies are investing resources into how to bring more interactivity into their rich media solutions.

These agencies know that in a very short time engagement ads with gaming components will be the next thing that savvy brands will be asking for. Gaming banner ads are then next way to enhance engagement and build brand loyalty.

Forget the click—the endgame is engagement

Rich media banners and other engagement Responsive Ads in the digital space is less about getting the click than about getting users to become loyal and interested in your brand. It’s about the buzz. After all, your brand is no longer what you tell your customers you think it is, but what they are telling their friends it is.

Rich media banners to the rescue

In conclusion, in today’s corporate world brand marketing is all about letting the customer drive the bus. It is the smart marketer’s job to help them steer that bus in the direction they desire. To do that means entertaining, engaging and rewarding consumers in many ways.  Rich media banners that use gaming—along with other rich media solutions—are a good first step.

Consider investing in rich media banners to keep your customers excited and keep your company in the games ads.

Gamification Ads

Gamification Ads