It’s official – Digitaland (Digital Creative Production) is a DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partner!

Sounds fancy, but what does that mean for you as a digital marketer?

The digital ad world is a game of time and attention. You need to launch high-impact ads and campaigns fast to snag your audience’s attention and stay ahead of the competition.

That’s why advertisers, agencies and digital media teams all have one thing in mind when it comes to finding the right digital production agency to build their digital ads: can the vendor deliver quality work quickly?

Building better digital ads faster with ​​DoubleClick Partner

Digitaland is a DoubleClick Certified - ​​DoubleClick Partner

Digitaland is a DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partner

Finding a good digital production agency may seem like a strange concern, but despite being around for a few decades (yikes – how time does fly!), the display advertising space is still a Wild West in many respects.

While there’s a push for more oversight and standardization across the industry, many advertisers still feel they’re wading through uncharted waters when it comes to building high-impact ads. To add to the pressure, digital marketing teams are being asked to deliver better results on tighter budgets, across an increasingly complex number of devices, platforms and channels.

The expertise and insights from the right digital production agency can mean the difference between launching an on-time, on-budget campaign and losing precious weeks (or months).

Until recently, the tricky part was finding the right digital production agency.

Hunting for the perfect digital production agency

High impact creative

High impact creative

It’s no secret: the competition for consumer’s attention online is fierce. As a result, many advertisers and agencies prefer to keep their digital production agencies under wraps. It’s tough to get referrals or insights into how a potential vendor will perform, so trying out a new provider is often an expensive leap of faith.

Adding to the confusion is the proliferation of industry certifications, many of which are ‘pay to play’ or just require passing a generic test.

That’s what makes the DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partner program so powerful. It’s an experience-based certification that’s only issued after extensive vetting of a digital production agency’s entire team. So, when you see an agency that’s a DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partner, it’s assurance from an industry leader that you can expect:

  • Access to a proven digital production agency
  • Verified expertise to make the most of your resources
  • Confirmed scalability of services to support enterprise clients

Your peace of mind is at the core of the DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partner program. Certified digital production agencies can build engaging creative better and faster while centralizing your ad creation on one powerful platform. Nice, huh?

High-impact ads with a proven Digital Creative Production

Digital production agency

Digital production agency

Most studios are experienced on the creative end: they design attractive ads. But, it’s not enough for our clients to launch ads that look good. They need to perform effectively, too.

Our in-depth understanding of adtech platforms – how they work, their requirements, the best-use scenarios for each one – enables us to deliver smarter ads and creative to our clients.

The digital media teams we work with are crunched for time and looking for a seamless, end-to-end process for building their digital ads. DoubleClick is a trusted platform that integrates with the wide array of Google products our customers are already using in their businesses.

So, our shiny new certification means a better customer experience and more options for our clients. We’ve been supporting many of our clients on the DoubleClick platform for years, so it’s a privilege to be recognized for our skills by an industry leader!

Ready to build better digital ads for your next campaign? Drop ​​DoubleClick Partner a line!