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What’s the current state of display advertising?

Bad news first:  

  • Consumers have attention spans shorter than a goldfish.
  • Ad blockers are on the rise worldwide.
  • You’ve probably heard consumers are banner blind…and advertising is dead.

Now for the good news:

  • Consumers aren’t banner blind.  They’re banner bored. thats why you need high impact ads!
  • And consumers are tired of ads that are…Intrusive, Irrelevant, Low-quality.


Consumers WILL pay attention to relevant, quality ads. And that’s why display advertising is surging.


High impact creative : Rich media ads boost performance

  • 6X’s higher engagement rates
  • Up to 1000% increase in ad interactions
  • 0.14% average CTRs

Interactive production increase ROI

  • Video – 45.32% average completion rate
  • Geo locater – 11.48% average completion rate
  • Carousel – 52.12% average completion rate
  • Data capture – 0.5% average submission rate

(Source: R2i 2014)


So, how can you stand out (and stay ahead of the competition)? 


Quality Creative.

Leverage Technology.

Digitaland works: HTML5 Ads

Digitaland works: HTML5 Ads

A little about Digitaland

  • High-volume capabilities
  • Average campaign turn time: 1-4 weeks
  • 15+ years experience
  • AdTech experts

Bring your ideas to life with High impact ad formats

Deliver rich media campaigns seamlessly across any vendor, platform or screen.

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