Rich media pharma banner ads are your secret weapon for creating high-impact ads, cross-screen experiences that reach the right people at the right time with the right message.

There is no power to read everything about healthcare banners? Watch the video!

Rich media pharma ads boost performance

  • 6X’s higher engagement rates
  • Up to 1000% increase in ad interactions
  • 0.14% average CTRs

Interactive features increase ROI

  • Video – 45.32% average completion rate
  • Geo locater – 11.48% average completion rate
  • Carousel – 52.12% average completion rate
  • Data capture – 0.5% average submission rate

(Source: R2i 2014)

How To Develop HTML Emails For The Pharmaceutical Market - FREE EBOOK

How To Develop HTML Emails For The Pharmaceutical Market – FREE EBOOK

Healthcare banner ads also….

  • Beat banner blindness
  • Improve brand recall
  • Help you stand out from the competition

So how do you build effective pharma banner ads?

Just follow these simple tips for Building Epic Pharma and Healthcare Banner Ads!

Identify objectives

banner ad production services

banner ad production services

Building out an effective, high-impact campaign is easiest when you start with the end in mind.

  • What are you trying to accomplish with this campaign?
  • How will the brand measure success?
  • How can you link your call to action to your performance objectives?

Remember: Clicks are great, but they’re not always an accurate measurement of your campaign’s success. Interaction rates are a better indicator of how your ad performed.

Creating engagement Build interactive elements into the content so users spend more time on it
Driving traffic Compelling content with a strong call to action (CTA)
Building brand awareness Build memorable images, video or copy into the content

Know your audience

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all campaign. Knowing your audience helps you build compelling, relevant campaigns that are more likely to connect with them.

  •  Parents are often in research mode, looking for user-friendly, schedule-friendly resources
  •  Millennials connect with humor, pop culture and the opportunity for self-expression
  •  Boomers respond to clear, concise messaging that speaks to their pain points
  •  Health care practitioners are looking for quick, actionable solutions for their patients

Pro tip: Targeting capabilities and dynamic campaigns are the perfect way to get your ads in front of the right audience at the right time. Make sure your digital production partner understands how to build pharma ads that meet the unique spec requirements of these technologies.

HTML5 Banner Agency

HTML5 Banner Agency

Snag attention

Consumers have shorter attention spans divided between more devices and platforms than ever before

How to stand out

  • Eye-catching visuals
  • Concise, compelling copy
  • Cross-screen approach

Benefits of grabbing attention

  • Longer interaction
  • Better brand recall
  • Boost to key metrics

Consider this: High impact ad formats – think video, overlays, interactive elements – enable unique intros, so you can capture attention faster in those crucial opening microseconds.

Start from creative

The best way to snag attention and stand out from the competition: quality creative.

Winning Creative Formula

  1. What are your target audience’s pain points and goals?
  2. How does your product make their life better?
  3. Build a story around that.
Digital creative agency

Digital creative agency

Opt for simplicity

Just because you can build almost anything with rich media, doesn’t mean you should

Banner ads have limited space. And sometimes less is more.

Guidelines for effective rich media ads

  • 1-2 high-impact features (animation, interactivity)
  • Not too many bold colors
  • Auto-scrolling ISI (for branded campaigns)
  • Concise copy

Use clear messaging

Opt for clarity, not clutter. Every piece and frame of your banner ad needs to earn its keep and help guide the viewer along their journey.

Unique selling proposition is highlighted up front to grab attention 

Indication and ISI are visible but not intrusive

Scrolling capability maximizes space

Great use of brand colors without overwhelming the space

Restatement of ad message encourages viewer to ‘Learn More’ 

Call to action stands out – it’s obvious what the viewer should do next

High impact creative

High impact creative

Go for interactive

Why is interactive production so effective?

Giving viewers control over their brand experience →

Higher completion and engagement rates

Better brand recall

This Tecfidera ad is great example of an interactive banner ad that enables the viewer (in this case, practitioners) to interact with the ad – roll over to watch a video snippet, download the ISI – without leaving the site they’re on.

Just remember: if you include an interactive element, make it clear why the viewer should interact with your ad.

Make your call to action unmissable

You have your target audience’s attention. Now what?

DON’T worry about CTA color “rules”

Everyone has a different opinion about what makes the “best” CTA button color. We say, pick something that stands out and complements the banner. Then test to see if certain colors perform better than other.

Remember, every campaign will be different. Just because a color did well in one campaign doesn’t mean it will in the next one.

DO make it clear what viewers should do next

On this Vimpat ad, it’s clear the goal is for the practitioner to start using Vimpat for qualifying patients. But…how? Is this banner meant to boost awareness only? What if a practitioner wants to learn more?

pharma banner production

pharma banner production

Are you ready to transform your pharma banner production process?

Digitaland helps digital media teams launch rich media campaigns seamlessly across any vendor, platform or screen.

  • High-volume capabilities
  • Average campaign turn time: 1-4 weeks
  • 15+ years experience
  • Adtech experts
Pharma Banner - Digital Banner Production

Pharma Banner – Digital Banner Production