To say the internet has changed a lot in recent years would be an understatement. In fact, things have gotten a lot more interesting now with the introduction of HTML5 animation and the slow but certain death of Flash. For years, Flash ruled the online space and greeted people with eye-catching animations every time they loaded home or landing pages.

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Flash, although an unsecured resource hog, gave designers and marketers a way to advertise simply and creatively. Now that HTML5 has taken its place, it leads many designers to contemplate whether or not they’ll have the tools to produce flashy HTML banner ads and online animations. We’re here to ease your mind and introduce some developer tools that will fuel your creative side and help you make amazing banners using HTML5.

Rich Media Agency with 5 Animation Tools for HTML5 Banner Production:

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  1. GreenSock Animation Platform

    The GreenSock Animation Platform, or GSAP as it’s normally called, is a feature-rich set of tools for creating scripted, high-performance HTML5 animation that work in all major browsers. It gives you the ability to animate everything from DOM elements to arrays without the headaches from working with CSS3 or jQuery. It also has advanced features such as physics, exclusive easing and shape tweening using less code and zero dependencies. Other useful features of GSAP include:

    • SVG stroke animation
    • Percentage-based transforms
    • Object-oriented architecture
    • GPU acceleration

    GreenSock’s Flash banner ad community consists of designers and developers who use GSAP every day and can help you along as you learn and get comfortable with the platform.

  2. Adobe Edge Animate CC

    Edge Animate CC came about as a result of Adobe moving away from flash and toward HTML5 animation. Those who are familiar with Flash will easily feel at home in Edge Animate and can use similar tools to create banner ads, cartoons and other animations. Although Adobe stopped developing Edge Animate CC in 2015, you can still download and use it if you have a Creative Cloud account. Edge Animate CC comes with many useful features such as:

    • On-stage text editing
    • Linking support for DPS articles
    • Preloader options
    • HTML5 video support
    • Custom folders

    Adobe rebranded Flash as Animate CC, a platform for designing animations and publishing them to the HTML5 canvas. It’s continuously in development and gives you a way to publish to any platform while using familiar and cutting-edge tools.

  3. TweenJS
    JavaScript is the programming language of the web and gives you the power to create the most complex animations. For those who may not be JavaScript gurus, TweenJS has you covered. It’s a JS library for making complex tweens; it also supports CSS style properties. You can use it to tween numeric and non-numeric object properties as well as multiple sequences. It works as a standalone library or integrated with EaselJS, another JavaScript library for getting creative with the HTML5 canvas.
  4. Bounce JS
    Bounce. gas is another JavaScript library that’s used to create amazing CSS3-powered animations for banners or other animated imagery. You can use it to rotate, translate, skew,  scale and manipulate your objects in a variety of interesting ways. Creating intricate CSS3 animations without Bounce.js would take forever and may be impossible depending on what you’re trying to achieve. Bounce.js makes it simple to apply CSS3 animations, check for browser support and remove any animation after it’s been defined without a lot of difficult coding.
  5. Magic 
    Magic does what its name suggests: It creates magic right before your eyes. It takes CSS3 animations to another level and helps you create the most complex effects in a simple way.  Magic supports every major browser and works on both the desktop and mobile devices. We could sit here and describe all the effects that you can create using Magic, but it’s better if you see them for yourself. From static and perspective effects to vanishing ins and outs, you can start creating interesting HTML banner ads and more by downloading Magic from GitHub.


 Get Busy Creating With HTML5

As you can see, there’s so much that you can do with HTML5 and plenty of tools to help you unleash your creativity. Although Flash has one foot out the door, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still design and develop rich media for your online audience. Learn more about HTML5 banner ads and tips on how to get started with our free Guide to HTML5 Banner Ads e-book. Sign up now to get your free copy, and get exclusive tips for HTML5 animation and best practices for in-banner video and more.