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The vast possibilities of rich media continue to grow by leaps and bounds—and the sexy, innovative and awesome ad solutions we see in the market continue to wow us, including new IAB filmstrip Rising Stars examples.

Every now and then we like to list out a few of the cooler ads we stumble across, and this is one of those times. It’s nice to see what creative minds can do with emerging technology like the filmstrips Rising Stars format, a cutting edge format that integrates the best that rich media ads has to offer: scrolling, video, sound, and tons of panel and content options.

Here are three of the most awesome filmstrip Rising Stars examples we have seen lately (including one of our own.) Enjoy.

1) Pixel filmstrip by Hook

To support the launch of Google’s new Chromebook Pixel laptop, the product team there approached Hook to come up with a fast rich media solution using IAB filmstrip Rising Stars format and film footage that already existed from other campaigns. The result is a beautifully engaging experience with many qualities we like:

Filimstrip example – Dynamic banner production

Why its awesome?

  • The design of the experience is clean, easy to grasp and resonates with a tech audience
  • Each panel of the banner featured a prominent call to action [learn more]
  • Good use of integrating video to highlight Pixel’s features
  • Impactful use of animation featuring the jellyfish
  • Great integration between the copy and the animation/video to showcase the product features

2) San Diego by Mering Carson 

We have always held to the truth that to be engaging, rich media solutions must rely on all the many channels and technologies within its reach. IAB’s filmstrip Rising Stars format enables you to combine it all: video, interaction, voice, sounds, gamification ADS and so much more.

That’s why we liked this San Diego tourism banner. It has video. It has games. It allows the user to scroll vertically through different experiences, and more.

Iab standard banner: example

Iab standard banner: example

Why its awesome?

  • The ad starts by touting San Diego’s beaches using video footage seamlessly blended into the ad. San Diego’s beaches? Check
  • The user then can click to scroll up to experience the coolest areas of the city because the ad integrates with Google Maps Street View to allow users to showcase beautiful neighborhoods. San Diego’s stunning architecture? Check
  • The user can even scroll up to a golf course where they can continuously put a golf ball into the hole. San Diego golfing? Check

In the end, the ad allows the user to really experience the joys and beauty of San Diego—all in a rich media ad experience. Tourism just got a really cool, rich media sales tool.

3) Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini by Digitaland

Here at Digitaland we have many flimstrip Rising Stars examples and have recently completed a production that we couldn’t resist including in the list. Mainly because, like the examples listed before, it integrates all the best that this new technology allows.

To promote the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini, this ad was build with the new Iab standard banner filmstrip format to allow for all the best that rich media can offer:

Samsung filimstrip - Interactive production

Samsung filimstrip – Interactive production

Why its awesome?

  • Full integration between the animation and sound to really highlight the exciting features of the Samsung S
  • Inviting tabs that encourage viewer to scroll to new, fun and engaging environments, each showcasing certain features of the phone: size, translation ability, camera and more
  • The prominent promotion of social media sharing at all times throughout the experience

In conclusion, there are a lot of good rich media solutions—even beyond these filmstrip Rising Stars examples—that are emerging in the marketplace. It’s exciting, inspiring and good for everyone involved. What are your favorites? Let us know.

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