What is Retargeting? what is Dynamic Remarketing?

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Dynamic Remarketing is a way to gain and keep customers that are a part of your target market. Let’s say someone visits your website and then immediately leaves your site – not because they aren’t interested, and not because they don’t love the design or your products, but merely because their minds diverted to something else in a blink of an eye. 

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What if this happens more than naught? You are probably thinking that there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it! Well, your wrong, because there is something you can do – Retarget these potential customers.

With retargeting, as soon as someone visits your website, there is a JavaScript code waiting right there for them, and when they leave your web page, it follows them around like a puppy follows it’s human. When this same visitor logs back online later on in the day, tomorrow, or even next week, your organization’s specific advertisements will appear on any other web page they browse.

This is great for you because you spend money on advertisements to your target market, and you don’t waste money on ads targeted to random people.

Why Should You Care About Retargeting?

If you want to reach more online customers, you need to know the basics of retargeting. Every company should be astutely aware of marketing basics. Otherwise, how will you maintain a good return on your investment?

Website traffic is great, but if this traffic doesn’t ‘slow down’ enough to take notice of your grand enterprise, you can retarget them to “slow them down” and help them make an easy U-Turn. If your internet ‘traffic’ doesn’t get converted, what’s the point of having other powerful marketing tools in play such as inbound/outbound marketing, content marketing, or AdWords?

When you, or someone you hire, designs a website with your company name and logo, they choose specific colors, borders, pictures, and outlines. In the back of your mind somewhere, you might be thinking that the design of the website itself is good enough to attract the ‘right’ customers – especially those whom you are specifically ‘targeting’.

The truth is, it is enough – to attract those customers, as long as you utilize other marketing strategies. Sometimes, it’s enough to gain and keep them as clients for the long run. Yet, most of the time, it’s not enough to gain and keep the majority who visit your website, no matter how bold and colorful it might be. Your website might even stand out among millions of others, and yet, there’s a good chance that you are only going to keep maybe 5 % of those people as customers, if that.

What is 5% out of 100 % going to do for your company or organization? – Nothing much. It might give you enough to pay to keep your website running, and nothing more. Or, maybe you are the marketing manager or director of a large organization and you want to make challenging situations look simple, but just difficult enough to say that you achieved something worthwhile?

Dynamic Remarketing Strategies 

  1. E-Mail Retargeting – If a potential customer begins filling out a form on your website, but doesn’t complete it in full, you can then send them an e-mail requesting that they finish filling the form out.
  2. Site Retargeting – When someone visits your site but doesn’t stay on your page long enough to become a customer, your advertisement simply ‘follows’ them around the web.
  3. Search RetargetingHTML5 digital display ads. Display advertisements are sent to a customer’s web page according to the key words that they typed in a search engine. If those key words match up with what your company offers, then you can have your specific ads sent to these same potential customers.
  4. Facebook Exchange Retargeting – Advertisers give online internet users a chance to see your specific ads according to previous behaviors outside of Facebook. Take note that this is not the same as Facebook Marketplace ads which you purchase as ‘cost per click’.
  5. Creative Retargeting – Advertisers can show a particular ad of yours to potential customers/visitors who have already come into contact with a creative advertiser.

It’s wise to utilize every form of advertising –  you never know when customers will use a particular channel to get to you. What if they visit a local listing, and your company isn’t listed there? Or, what if a customer doesn’t feel like searching around on your site, and would rather watch a video, but you haven’t created a video ad? Don’t overlook the small ‘stuff’, as this could be the ticket to becoming a worldwide business masterpiece!

Also, remember to use the strategies listed above to re-target your potential customers. Using both advertising and Dynamic Remarketing strategies will give you an advantage over online companies who aren’t doing as much. If you put your all into it, you will get much more in return.