Interactive Agency says that The web was fast to embrace rich media. But even so, much of what’s available never goes beyond “play” and “pause” capabilities. However, as rich media continues to get richer, interactive video will be the next big thing in engaging consumers in the online space. After all, everyone loves Personalized video ads. The problem before now is that video has always been a very passive medium. That’s quickly changing. Today, using Interactive production campaign with In-stream video ads can enhance any marketing effort, allowing you to layer more and more content into any video.

Interactive video makes music videos do more that sing.

The music industry has embraced interactive video technology in leaps and bounds. World-renowned artists like Bob Dylan are producing music videos that allow the user to change channels during the song, or even choose their own adventure like in an old school book that allows you to pick your own path in the story.

TV shows and learned to create interactive video that flex off of popular episodes, too. Viewers with tablets can follow the show along and interact with their tablets to get more engaged. Pretty cool stuff.

But interactive video isn’t just for music and entertainment. It has a wide range marketing, educational and corporate applications as well. Rich media companies like Digitaland have created engaging interactive marketing campaigns for forward thinking companies like Samsung, embedding a variety of interactive features directly into a video ad.

Custom banners designs

Custom banners designs

Changing the way that companies teach, market and communicate

Consider the many other ways that interactive video can enhance your marketing efforts:

  • Introducing new products and features
  • Introducing new processes that are being implemented
  • Creating marketing surveys within the company that can have immediate results
  • Improving communications with remote offices
  • Rapidly move from concept to delivery
  • Creating engaging presentations for your sales force or consumers
  • Providing a way to engage consumers with “hidden knowledge” and build relationships and loyalty
  • Introducing consumers to a variety of exciting new digital media, and more

More than marketing. Interactive video is great for teaching and training too.

Many brands are engaging with interactive video to communicate with—and even train–their employees, too. Consider the many uses this new technology can have in your workplace. When used for training, interactive video can:

  • Make work meetings les expensive by eliminating the need for travel
  • Eliminate the need for employees to have special computer skills
  • Decrease the cost of creating courses or training presentations, and more

Interactive production is going to get mobile too

Already, twenty-five percent of the videos watched on YouTube are viewed on a mobile devise. That number continues to rise, which bodes well for the use of interactive video on the web. That means any interactive video campaign should include a mobile-ready version to increase it’s success.

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As HTML 5 continues its widescale adaption across the Internet, you will start seeing interactive video becoming more and more prevalent. As marketers get more comfortable with all the possibilities of the technology, they will find more and more ways to use it to tell their story to consumers.

Have you created interactive video to support your needs? Don’t get left behind. Explore the many benefits that In-stream video ads might offer your company today.