The rise of digital is unquestionable and unstoppable. Digital media continues to expand. Digital technology continues to evolve. Rich media digital campaigns are growing in number. And the possibility of the digital medium is limitless.

But that doesn’t mean a truly successful “surround sound” advertising campaign can be built on just digital alone. Yet.

Rich Media Agency: Online display campaigns should rely on all channels

When it comes to marketing, integrated campaigns have and will be the best way to get the greatest share of voice. It was true when most brands relied on television as their main medium, and it’s true now that most brands look at digital as the main way to go.

Yes, rich media digital campaigns are more engaging—and are invaluably measurable—but it takes many channels working together to have the biggest impact. It takes print ads, television, radio, bus advertising, social and more, all working hand in hand with a solid digital strategy and execution to have the most effect on the marketplace.

Beyond the digital screen. We all have to work seamlessly together

An integrated campaign is like a snowflake, however. There are no two that are exactly the same in execution. Any number of channels and strategies can be used. TV is still powerful. Radio works for certain products. Direct mail even still has quite an impact. (And like digital, direct mail can be measured easier than, say, a print ad or billboard.) But even print and outdoor have their strengths and value in any given integrated campaign. They can help get a brand’s recognition up and help share a campaign’s voice to a select market. Consider the advantages of looking beyond the digital screen when planning a rich media digital campaign:

  • Reach the widest audience
  • Get more brand recognition
  • Use more affordable channels, and more

So now that you see the many advantages of integration and working together, let’s focus back on what we all care the most about: rich media, and the value it brings to integrated campaigns.

Why rich media digital campaigns can bring the most impact?

Of all components of “surround sound” integrated campaigns, rich media offers the most innovative ways of engaging with customers. With the advances in video, voice recognition, scrollable banners and full-screen takeovers, it is possible to attract, surprise, entertain and engage a potential customer better than ever before.

Of course, all integrated campaigns should include a social aspect as well. Rich media digital campaigns are the perfect vehicles for integrating with social media. Rich media content is some of the most sharable and viral content on the web, so we know it works.

Digital Banner Production – Don’t forget mobile

While we are on the subject of rich media digital campaigns, we can’t forget the importance of mobile. Mobile is at the center stage in marketing and will be there for a long time to come. In fact, smartphones are the only thing the younger generations are responding to, so to capture their full attention, any campaign created needs to be mobile optimized from the start.

In conclusion—any rich media digital campaign your create needs to have support from other channels

Digital Production Agency says that The key to marketing is engagement. And while rich media is certainly the most engaging, there are plenty of tools in the marketing toolbox that can add to a campaigns success. You can integrate infographics into a print advertisement. You can create a survey. You can add on a sweepstakes to the campaign. You can blog to increase SEO. You can write a whitepaper.

There are many ways to engage. Blend in as many as possible and get ready to count on a very successful rich media digital campaign.