It seems like a new, and popular, social network pops up every year. However, how can you make use of this powerful channel to reach your target group?

But before you get started, it’s critical you understand the basics of Online display campaigns and why you need them. 

Understanding social display ads

These are reliable recreations of social posts that are configured for delivery using convectional HTML5 banners placements. 

These ads have the capacity to work your programmatic campaign goals, including creating awareness, prospecting new customers, and direct response. 

Social display ads are such a wild success that many brands have a social-first marketing strategy when it comes to content marketing. Together with the great content your brand comes up with, a social display ad brings in scale programmatic benefits and efficiencies. 

social display ads

social display ads

What you should know about social display advertising

  • Ads are not one-size-fits-all solutions – Each existing social platform on the internet has its own unique requirements. For instance, you will find that each social media offers you different minimums and maximums for text length or image dimensions. Therefore, you should have a specific template for each platform you are interested in. 
  • Your targeting should not be too broad – To achieve the best results, make sure your ads are for specific groups; otherwise, you will not realize conversions.
  • Always monitor the ads – Taking a regular look at the performance figures of your social ads will help make you informed decisions on whether to adjust, continue or stop them.
  • Offer a seamless experience – Your ad should feature the same text and images you have on the landing page to avoid a break for your viewers. 
  • Include a similar audience – Personalizing your message offers a 1-on-1 feel, which increases your chances of conversion considerably. At the same time, understand the buyer personas so you can also show your ads to a similar audience. 
  • Include discounts – The best-designed ads offer special price offers that attract attention. While doing this, make sure that you work with the colors of your respective website. 
  • Make offers valuable – Offers in your ads should have some value for your targets, and make sure that it is clear.
  • Test ads timing – It is critical you recognize the best times your target group is most likely to view your social display ads so you are seemingly always available. 

What are the key figures for social display ads?

  • The Click-Through Rate (CTR) – Percentage of viewers who clicked the link after seeing the ad on a social platform. 
  • Impression share – The percentage of possible impressions is what you get from ads compared to the overall number of impressions you are ideally supposed to earn. 
  • Return on spend – No matter the number of clicks and impressions achieved by your ads, the main interest is how much they are costing you and what you are getting in return. 
Banner ad production services

Banner ad production services

Getting started

Social display ads are the best tool to put your brand in front of your ideal group in a targeted and oriented manner and fast! Now find out more about your plausible existing networks for your HTML5 digital display ads