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While traditional advertising may be struggling to prove effectiveness in the new century, online display advertising is helping revolutionize marketing. Display advertising provides many benefits that other marketing channels do not, such as faster brand building, effective targeting and real time conversion measuring.

Big Brand Displays

Digitaland ( Digital creative agency clients ) says that The main reason big brands spend so much money on display advertising is that it effectively reaches the most people within a target market compared to other media, says Digital Banner Production agency. It also has more power to educate the consumer and build trust for the brand. One of the reasons for this phenomenon is that display advertising is not as interruptive and annoying as traditional media advertising. Displays can appear to be less invasive as long as they are associated with appropriate corresponding content.

Online banners, however, are proving to be less effective than other forms of content marketing, since banners usually do not tell enough of a story for the viewer, according to Forbes contributor and venture capitalist Robert Hof. Displays work best online when they accompany interactive media and long form text that can educate readers about the product, which can be accomplished with articles, ebooks and videos. Content plus reach form the chemistry that makes displays effective in the online space, whereas outdoor displays can be effective with minimal content. The difference is that the internet is a tool for people focusing on what they are already searching for and when they click displays they are interested in, they are taken into a deeper level of the funnel.

YouTube advertising can work when the video is integrated with an interactive media campaign, which is how Animal Planet rose to number one for its target audience. Volvo was able to boost purchase intent for the S60 sedan by nearly 90 percent, thanks to displays across YouTube, AdMob and the Google Display Network.

Target Marketing Advantages

Display advertising can affect consumers at every stage of the marketing funnel from awareness, education and evaluation to proposal and purpose. Other media solutions, such as email marketing, tend to be concentrated on specific areas of the funnel. The reason displays are important is that, can they build brand awareness quickly, since people are more likely to remember what they see than what they read or hear. Ultimately, the combination of displays and informative SEO content that attracts niche markets helps educate consumers and accelerates trust and loyalty in brands.

Mobile Displays – Responsive Ads

Mobile internet is increasingly becoming popular with shoppers on the go who want to find deals in their neighborhoods. For this reason, Google and other search engines are starting to give web pages with images more importance, since images are becoming crucial to mobile marketing. Whether images are posted on social networks, blogs or articles, they alert search engines because Facebook has proven that its users are more likely to respond to posts with pictures or video than just plain text. In other words, plain text without visuals is becoming boring, whereas the combination of text and visuals is gaining popularity and SEO importance.

Display Innovations

Retargeted displays are designed to recapture users with cookies that remember user data. This form of personalized ad serving is effective, particularly for school enrollment campaigns because the user will end up seeing the same ads again and again once they have engaged with them. Retargeted displays help build brand awareness through repetition without the interruptive effect of traditional advertising.

Another innovation for displays is rich media, which can use 3D images, animation, audio and video integrated with interactive technology that is optimized for mobile devices. Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) is an emerging technology that serves different versions of ads to different users based on user data, which creates more effective targeting.

Conversion Rates

The advantage to online displays is that they can be geared more strategically to specific target audiences and their impact can be measured in real time by analytics.Studies show that display advertising helps improve market response considerably, according to business audience marketing firm Bizo. Not only do targeted displays boost event registrations by 25 percent, they can also increase form conversion rates by 30 percent. Furthermore, displays help improve the probability by 10 percent that consumers will recommend the brand. The best way to evaluate conversions is to compare two different test groups of displays and non-displays.

Small or Big Brand Displays

Whether a brand is big or small, display ads can make a difference on a national or local level. The main difference, for example, between a local band that plays for a packed hall and one that plays to an empty bar can be traced to how many fliers they circulated to fans and posted around town. Adding interactive online displays can remind people of the ads they’ve already seen. The same concept applies to any business.

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