Here at Digitaland, we believe strongly in the power of interactive and rich media advertising experiences. In a world where the digital marketing landscape is becoming increasingly competitive, brands have to do more to stand out from the competition. Rich media advertisements are an eye-catching, engagement-generating alternative to traditional static digital advertisements.

Our creative production team specializes in rich media ad production. We’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies to produce rich media experiences that are the backbone of their revenue-generating campaigns.

But without having seen the results that rich media advertisements can produce, it can be difficult to envision how a rich media creative production strategy could fit into your marketing campaigns. In this article, we’ll review three real-world examples of recognizable companies using rich media advertising to their advantage and enjoying jaw-dropping results.


What Does ‘Rich Media’ Include?


The term rich media refers to any ad that includes advanced interactive features like video, audio, animation, or other elements that otherwise encourage your users to interact with the advertisement. Here at Digitaland, we specialize in creating quality banner ads experiences that drive engagement among target audiences.

Our services include a range of different types and formats of rich media content, but some of the projects that we most commonly take on include:

  • HTML5 Banners
  • Rich Media Ads
  • Interactive Landing Pages and Microsites
  • Healthcare and Pharma Digital Ads
  • HTML Responsive Emails
  • Custom Creative
  • Game Advertisements

If you’d like to learn more about our services, please take a look at our portfolio to get an idea of the level of quality that we deliver to our clients.


Crello Uses Animated Video Ads to Bolster Their Facebook Ads Strategy


Crello is an image design software solution. A recent case study published by the company showed how a change in strategy toward focusing on animated video advertisements paid off for Crello’s marketing team.

In their case study, they detailed their experiment. Their Facebook ads were extremely targeted, showing to individuals that had liked the Crello Facebook page. In the experiment, they included both the same text and link in both the static and animated variations of the ad.

Here was the static image ad the company used:

Rich Media Vendors

Rich Media Vendors

This was tested against another variation of the ad that used an animated illustration video:

Dynamic Rich Media

Rich Media Agency

After letting each ad grow to a reach of more than 13,000 users on Facebook, the results were clear. The animated ad was able to attract more than double the clicks (325 clicks vs. 145 clicks) than the static image ad. This resulted in more than a 50% drop in their cost per click.

While the static image attracted more impressions, the level of engagement was low comparatively. This case study is an excellent example of how powerful rich media ads can be on Facebook.


Audi Uses Rich Media Ads to Drive Engagement for Their A3 Sportback


Audi is one of the most renowned car manufacturers in the world. When the company was looking to build brand engagement for their new Audi A3 Sportback vehicle, they decided to employ a rich media-centric strategy to catch the eyes of their customers.

Their goal was to stimulate brand engagement around their near vehicle. The campaign’s slogan was “vorsprung durch Technik,” which translated to “Progress through Technology.” The company wanted to position their new vehicle as technologically superior to the competition.

Their campaign featured an HTML5 rich media ad for tablets. The campaign featured images of their vehicle and highlighted technical features that would appeal to an audience that used tablets. Designed specifically for a larger screen experience, their tablet campaign ran on the Google App Network.

The campaign was a huge success. The unique user interaction rate was 18%, resulting in a cost per unique user interaction of just $0.07. Users also spent an average of 30 seconds viewing the ad.The campaign was a resounding success for the car maker.


Better Engagement, Better Customers


Standing out from the competition in the increasingly competitive digital advertising landscape can be tough. Your ability to grab the attention of your target audience plays a key role in the viability of any campaign that you launch. Using rich media ads, you can grab eyeballs and drive engagement for any digital campaign. The examples in this article show the profound effect that rich media advertisements can have when strategically woven into your broader strategies.


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