Outsourcing design or production work on behalf of your clients or your own brand can be daunting. Which agency should you go with? How difficult will they be to work with? What do I need to know before we get started? Will they be able to get us the results we need?

Every creative or interactive agency has their own unique way of working with clients. When you choose to work with Digitaland, you can be rest assured that the onboarding and development process will be painless. We’ve created a standard process we use with all of our clients that ensures you get the rich media ads you’re looking for.  

When you choose to trust us with your rich media ad creatives, this is what the process will look like.

The Project Brief Questionnaire For Design & Development

Before we begin to work together, we’ll ask you a series of questions to better understand your brand, target audience, campaign objectives, the competitive landscape, and information about your sales process and social media usage.

If we are designing the ad, these are some of the questions we’ll ask you:

  • What are you trying to accomplish, short-term and long-term?
  • What is the most important thing the target user should think, believe and feel after coming into contact with the marketing pieces?
  • What kind of vibe do you want this piece/project to have?
  • What websites, businesses or other outside forces compete for your customer’s attention?
  • What type of information, if any, would you like to capture from your market, visitors and/or prospects?

As you can see, we don’t take this aspect of rich media ad design lightly. This questionnaire helps us understand your needs on a deep level. We take a close look at your overall marketing efforts so that we can produce the type of ad that will help you achieve your marketing goals.

Another important aspect of this part of the process is determining the metrics that matter most to you. The way each client measures the success of a campaign is different. That’s why we make sure we have a full understanding of your campaign goals and the metrics that matter most to you before we ever begin the design process.

The Kickoff Call

Once we’ve reviewed the project questionnaire for rich media ad design and both parties have decided to move forward, we’ll get things started with a kickoff call. If we are producing the ad and you provide us with the assets to be used, we’ll jump straight to this step after we’ve reviewed them.

In this call, we’ll discuss project specifications and the required timelines for producing the work. We’ll also make introductions to your points of contact so that you always know who to follow up with if you have any questions about the project.

Consistency Is Key

Online banner ads

Online banner ads

Is your rich media ad part of a bigger marketing push? If so, we’ll review all of the existing content, including landing pages, text, images, commercials, and all other assets associated with the campaign. It’s important that we provide a similar look and feel as the rest of your campaign to increase its success.

Even if it’s a standalone marketing campaign, we’ll take a deep dive into your brand. This helps us to create an experience that’s customized for your audience and accurately reflects your brand’s personality.

The Work Begins

Rich Media Production

Rich Media Production

After review of the questionnaire, the kickoff call, and assets, it’s time for us to get to work. In this step, we begin to work on the creative with your end goal in mind. Once that’s complete, we’ll send it to you for approval and make any revisions that are necessary. We use an internal technological platform (demonstrated above) which makes it easy to keep track of all feedback and revisions that have been made to the ad creative.

Once you’re happy with the result, we’ll reproduce the rich media ad into varied sizes depending on your requirements and where they’ll be published. Then, before we deliver the final product, we’ll run each rich media ad through our four-point quality assurance test that includes content, visual, functional and implementation elements.

Digital production agency

Whether you choose to hire us for rich media ad development, an interactive website, or a 360 video, we’re dedicated to helping you get the best results possible. That’s why we’re proud to feature our happy customers, like Wendy’s, FX, and Nike, right on our website.  

Ready to turn your idea into a rich media ad and become our next success story? Drop us a line here.