Memorable Campaign – HTML5 Banner

On the day you launch a new campaign with HTML5 Banner Ads (Responsive Ads), you don´t just expect to launch a great one, but a memorable one. And I like to compare that moment to the one that mathematicians may go through when they solve a complex equation.

Effective Ads

Each new campaign is a challenge because each client has very different business objectives and that is one of the beautiful things about the advertising industry. Like equations, we sometimes get a glimpse of the solution when we face the challenge but then we consistently identify the equations’ parts and continue reaching for all the knowledge and talent that we will need to produce an innovative rich media campaign ( HTML5 Ads ). Campaigns with Effective Ads are to business challenges what equations are to a mathematics challenge.

Following are some of the natural steps required to develop a successful campaign and that might help you quick off the solution to your challenge:

Prepare and don’t be afraid to debate:

Prepare – HTML5 Banner Ads

Discuss ideas with as many of your team members as possible: exchange views, provide insights and knowledge from various sources. Include your talented people, your savvy thinkers and also your communications´ and sales people. Bringing-in multiple ideas will not only help you cover every angle and option but also figure out how multiple audiences may react to your idea.

Technology is a medium to an end:

Technology – HTML5 Banner Agency

People believe that technology is the ultimate goal and they focus more in the latest trends than to solve a business challenge. In advertising and marketing, online campaigns, and online advertising, technology is an enabler to break the barrier that prevents brands and products to become known to possible customers and engage them.  In the best case technology is only part of a complex equation that allows brands to connect better with the dispersed audiences that are surfing the web and whose attention is so hard to grasp.

Now take time to create:

Creativity - Rich Media Ads

Creativity – Rich Media Ads

Creativity – it may sound obvious – is key at this point and after identifying the business challenge you will face multiple roads to design and develop an innovative response to the challenge presented. Now it´s the time of your most talented copywriters, designers and developers to translate the business challenge and the original solutions presented into experiences. This is when rich media solutions are incorporated into the equation in the form of ads, online banners or display advertising. The knowledge of the technologies and the intended use for each one depending on the context becomes paramount at this stage.

Consider working with limited budgets:

Limited Budget - Rich Media Agency

Limited Budget – Rich Media Agency

In general, customers come with proposals that require a large investment in media allocation to reach their desired audiences. It is very important to understand that our client´s key priorities is buying the right media and advertising to the right audience. Knowing this and deeply understanding and sharing our customer´s business objective, you will give them more freedom when it comes to media allocation.

Now run!

Rich Media Banners - Now Run!

Rich Media Banners – Now Run!

Anyone that has ever worked in the advertising business knows there’s no place for lay backs. Clients demand faster results and agencies face tight deadlines, so developing a campaign at a slow pace is not an option. For us it has become a worthwhile solution to develop the ads in the ad server platform directly even if in complex campaign. In this way we save time and avoid errors.

Follow these best practices, and I’m sure your next campaign will get better results with Responsive Ads . If you’re interested to learn more, you may want to check our article “How to Make Sure Your Rich Media Ads Pass the Blink Test