It is predicted that worldwide the number of smartphone owners will rise about 2 billion in 2016. That means that for the very first time over one fourth of the entire planet will use smartphones in their daily lives. This doesn’t include the rise in tablet use—another contributor to our mobile world.

As the mobile movement continues and more people own smart devices, marketers are getting smarter too. Rich media campaigns now have to not only be engaging and interactive—they must be mobile friendly too.

In fact, in just one week:

  • 81% of mobile users browsed the Internet
  • 77% use mobile users used search engines
  • 44% used mobile devices to watch video
  • 73% used mobile devices to connect on social media

Online display campaigns

Smartphones and tablets have become so ubiquitous that people even browse their devises while watching TV and engaging with other media. Mobile devices are becoming important to shoppers too, as many people use their smartphones while in the aisle trying to make a purchase decision. (Including reading reviews, getting coupons, checking prices, etc.)

Smart brands are getting mobile. Are you?

The mobile movement is not going to slow down, so to stay relevant brands and marketers needs to continue to be mobile friendly, or even “mobile first” when creating impactful campaigns.

Mobile ads work. In fact, 9 out of 10 people have made a purchase based on an ad they viewed on a mobile device. So don’t miss the mobile movement. After all, it is creating more and better ways to connect with customers.

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