At Digitaland animated banner its our core business,  we are familiar with working late nights, applying high standards and meeting tight deadlines , A recent banner campaign for Nike’s new line of sneakers, Nike Free is just another example of the amazing work done under a tight time frame. Check the full case study 

 The challenge: Launch an engaging interactive campaign in two weeks

Nike needed a truly interactive and engaging experience that combined video and an interactive photo gallery in order to properly showcase its Nike Free technology. It was important that any rich media campaign that was created to be as innovative as the shoe itself. After all, Nike spent eight years studying the biomechanics of runners’ feet in order to design this exciting new footwear that allows for a more natural movement.

Cross screen experiences!

Adding to the challenge, Nike’s goal was to launch the animated banner simultaneously in seven countries. Additionally, the campaign had to be created and launched in just two weeks time.

 The solution: A force of nature

Social Rich Media creative was proposed, built in HTML5 responsive cross-screen technology (retina ready, too.) A compelling mobile rich media ad was developed using Spark flow platform in just 2 days, and its coverage was 100% mobile (in web and in app environments), Tablet and Desktop.

The creative featured Nike’s slogan for the shoe “Be a Force of Nature” which was created to inspire runners, the target audience. The ad featured:

  • An engaging, interactive photo gallery that featured, intuitive navigation so that users could engage with the six different models of within the new Nike Free collection and learn about the shoe’s new features.
  • A video sequence was also incorporated to tackle auto play limitation. It used Nike’s slogan “Be the force of nature,” and showed the Kenyan National Running Team training with the latest Nike Free shoe model.
animated banner case study fro nick

Rich Media Vendors

 Multiple screens. Seven countries.

Using the DCO Capabilities of the Sparkflow platform the Nike Free animated banner  was easily delivered simultaneously to 7 different countries:

  • United Kingdom
  • Netherlands
  • Germany
  • Sweden
  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain

As the platform delivered the creative to each country, the language was dynamically changed to reflect the dialect of the audience in each region. The result? Users were dazzled by the experience and Nike Free was successfully launched.

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