Have an app, and want to explain it with Micro-videos?
There is no better form than an animation video – Personalized video ads!

Client: Tuisy
Campaign: Explanatory Video
Year: 2015
Country: Spain

Tuisy, easy planning for social fun.

Do you like have fun with friends? I guess you do! but i belive you have the same problems as me. planning is so confusing when sending email and creating chat groups. except when you use Tuisy.

with Tuisy it easy to organize what you want to do and with whom.

When i want to set my plann to go for a vacitoin to Ibiza, I just have to suggest the days and invite my friends. than my friends will inselly recive my invitation, and can also suggest more friends to go.

Although, Tuisy offeres to my group hundred of beautiful offers with group discount. And we just have to chat to select the great hotel or restaurant to go or the best activities to make our trip unforgettable.

And when we get to Ibiza? We just have to check in!

Join the next revolutionary App, to enjoy plans with friends.

Download Tuisy from Apple store or Google play and move your world!

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