Just like the name sounds, an impact advertisement, or an impact ad, is one where the influence is significant and delivers on high motivation results, reach, and audience connection.
However, unlike the myth that the best impact ads happen through great design and creative slogans, which was for years the common rule, today’s impact ads depend heavily on the delivery channel as well. 

Everyone Carries the Critical Tool Already

Mobile devices, for example, have grown in number exponentially, providing far greater digital reach and audience potential than was ever possible with the conventional computer or even the television and radio, for that matter. That makes them an ideal channel for impact ads and viral response, especially when the ad content can be re-sent to others as indirect, downstream recipients via readers’ networking. 

High impact ads take advantage of mobile channels’ potential via 1) interaction opportunities, 2) positive engagement benefits, 3) easy-to-use engagement designed for mobile devices, and 4) captivating content. The fourth piece is already there if the advertisement design is top-notch, but the other three components get added in with savvy mobile websites and app programming that makes engagement intuitive and easy to participate in. Finally, rewards bring people back for more, as well as being willing to share the impact ad with others they know and communicate with regularly. 

You Have to be Willing to Maintain the Effort

Companies that engage with dedicated strategies for impact ads end up realizing significant traffic and response. However, the benefits of this marketing approach only work well to the extent the marketing team can sustain the content, ad environment, and feed to audiences. The best impact ads can run for months if maintained properly with ongoing and connected content. It creates a feed look that keeps bringing back audiences for more, they share the benefits, that brings in more audiences, and the demand for the ad and its reach grows. In short, impact ad campaigns are not simple, one-off ad launches as what was produced for decades in the traditional advertisement. They are ongoing campaigns that can last for extended periods with heavy engagement if supported properly. 

Reach Out and Get Local!

Finally, local high-impact ads generate an even greater response from an audience. As they near a hot spot in terms of geographic reference, impact ads can be designed to trigger audiences already receptive and carrying mobile devices. This type of marketing is extremely effective as it uses engagement, proximity, and tailored benefits for those who are within reach of the geographic location. It also drives in-person interaction with consumers and potential customers as well as how they respond to the locally-triggered impact ads. By simply using HTML5 coding that takes advantage of geolocation in mobile devices, and consumers willing to receive push data, the ads can easily bring in additional traffic in person when people are nearby to where a business operates. This is particularly powerful as an impact ad approach for retailers.

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