Interactive email

What is the percentage of ‘spam email marketing’ that you receive daily?

20%? 45%? 65%?  According to recent studies from Digital Banner Production companies 70% of the emails received daily are categorized as ‘spam’.

Wait, you say, but what about all those newsletters you explicitly signed up to? Well, after a matter of time, these too, are (to some users) considered as spam.

So, how do brands fight back and try to stay relevant in one of the most widely used forms of communication?  Let’s face it, we ALL check our email numerous times a day and brands are trying to get just a tiny bit of your attention.

Interactive email

A recent move by google, which strongly affected email marketing campaigns, in recent Gmail updates, Google decided to automatically (by default) categorize your emails into categories, to try to help you keep your inbox clean and organized. This tiny change had a massive effect on marketers, moving their entire email strategy to a new tab named “promotions” (not so appealing, huh?) and basically making them all of their efforts disappear overnight.

Interactive emails

Interactive emails

So, what do marketers do? Innovate.

Dynamic Email Marketing

Yes, you are getting all of your newsletters with your name nicely put into a well thought template, but no one really believes that it’s actually you, right?

Right, brands are now able to use dynamically changing emails that will pull in content ONLY when you read them. No more templates emails that say ‘good morning’ even when you open them at night. Emails will now adjust to you and will stop being a letter that was stuck in your inbox for you to open it in a week when you feel like going through all the promotions you (probably) missed.

Imagine an email promotion that tailors the promotion to you, by:

  • Your device
  • Your gender
  • Your browser’s language settings
  • Your location
  • the day you opened the email
  • the time of day you opened the email
  • Even by the operating system you use while checking your email
How To Develop HTML Emails For The Pharmaceutical Market - FREE EBOOK

How To Develop HTML Emails For The Pharmaceutical Market – FREE EBOOK

Interactive emails

This form of being able to change the content of the email on the fly was saved to complex display and text campaignsuntil today, empowering cross continent campaigns, which give each user the feeling that the content of the ad was tailored exactly for him, in his language and with a message which will fit match his gender, demographic status and more criteria.

Email marketing can play a big role in a brand’s marketing campaign, pushing promotions in form of coupons and urging users to visit either a physical or online shop, at a certain date/time (black Friday / Cyber Monday).

Utilizing the power of Dynamic Content Optimization (or DCO) across a campaign for display /mobile and email marketing can create a truly cross channel cross device advantage, by tailoring the right message to the right audience and the right device at any time. And since these are opened using the users email client, and basically download HTML5 banner ads content to his/hers device, it can be easily be targeted and the data can be fed back to the system for analysis and performance tweaks.