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Running a mobile campaign is a great way to reach out to your on-the-go audience; your ads may be designed and built following the industry’s mobile specifications, for either in app or on mobile web, But one last detail to check is if your landing page or website is also mobile friendly.

Digital Production company says that the traffic will hit your landing page driven by mobile ads, your landing page must be optimized for mobile users, to assure the user experience is consistent, and eliminate frustration by the user when suddenly he is views a desktop landing page on his mobile device.  Here are a few tips to help assure you maximize your conversions and lead generation:

Design responsive

With 2Billion + mobile subscribers, and 45% of American adults having a smart phone, 90% of them are using their phones to go online. As 30% of them use their phone or tablet as their main online device, your landing must be optimized for mobile users in means of design, load time, and content.

Responsive design allows you to build once (and smart) and allow CSS & JavaScript to automatically adjust to the users screen size without the need to worry about content being missed.

Fluid design

makes sure the layout of your page will automatically, and seamlessly adjust to the users screen, it will also help arrange the content in the most logical and efficient way.

Headlines, images and description of your content can seamlessly rearrange between screen sizes to fully display the content in every screen.

Image scaling

making use of multiple images, in different sizes and weights makes sure the page load time will be as short as possible and the images will be displayed in the best way possible on the user’s screen (instead of displaying large images which weigh considerably more than small images, and scaling them down – a best practice is to use multiple pre scaled versions of the same images for different layouts).


Interactive email

short descriptions, that expand to reveal more information if the user wishes, will allow providing as much information possible in the limited screen property you have.

Short forms that will allow gathering user lead data such as name, email, location and phone number. Launching your landing page from mobile devices gives easy access to the users social networks who are most likely integrated within the smartphone’s Operating system.

Sharing your message on twitter/Facebook/via email or SMS is as easy as clicking on a button that launches these functionality. Allow users to interact and reach your conversion goal as easily and quickly as possible, if for example your goal is driving Facebook page ‘likes’ link directly to your Facebook page, or even add a branded content for the user to place on his/hers page directly from the lading page.

 Choose your technology wisely

Aim low, look at the common denominator list of features supported on most if not all browsers, and start there. Give all your users as similar experience as possible, and don’t ‘punish’ them for owning a device or using an outdated browser.

HTML5 ads easily allows you to detect browsers/devices and specific features you can enable or disable according to the end users device.

Try avoiding flash, as most Android and ALL apple devices do not support flash natively, and these two brands consists the majority of all mobile devices, using flash will eliminate your reach drastically.

To conclude, optimizing your display banners, landing pages and your site for mobile users is not a ‘nice to have’ but rather you start thinking about your campaign ‘Mobile first’ a huge audicnce can remain unreachable, or provided with a bad user experience if not optimized correctly, which will directly affect lead generation and conversions.

About the writer

Yoni LevyYoni Levy is the VP Managing Director of Digitaland. He has an extensive knowledge and global presence in managing digital campaigns worldwide, and he is a master in building and developing personal business relationships with key people in the market