The benefits of maintaining an in-house creative team are numerous. It’s impossible to replicate the attention to detail and working knowledge of your market that an in-house team brings to the table through outsourced creative agencies. But — with that said — asking your in-house teams to handle every inch of your marketing and creative production process is unrealistic.

Effective creative production requires specialization. You only have so much free budget for hiring in-house creatives, and you want them focused on the big picture strategies that drive growth, not getting caught up in the production process.

For companies with in-house teams, working with a partner for pieces of your creative digital production process make sense. This is especially true for creative projects that fall outside of your in-house team’s areas of expertise.

Let’s consider some of the reasons why working with a partnered creative production team might be in your best interests:

Keep your Eye on the Big Picture

Dynamic banner ads

Dynamic banner ads

Having an in-house team is important. They develop a very deep working knowledge of your products and operations, and modern digital marketing requires a broad multi-channel approach. 52% of marketers use 3 to 4 marketing channels, according to Invesp. Managing that many channels and the creative output it requires is a difficult task.

Partnering with a creative production team helps you to keep your in-house team focused on the big picture. Instead of getting caught up in the creative production and approval process, they can focus on the areas of your business where they will have the most impact. That means a better return on your investment and faster turnaround times on creative projects.

Higher Quality Creative

Naturally, companies that work with creative production partners tend to outsource in areas where their internal teams lack experience. That lack of experience would lead to lower quality creative assets had they decided to handle it in-house. You can’t expect your internal teams to be experts in everything, and working with an experienced partner isn’t admitting defeat — it’s embracing a more effective option.

Here at Digitaland, we’ve worked with companies like Lacoste, Sony, Samsung, REI, and HBO to produce high-quality interactive rich media advertisements and experiences. We form close partnerships with our clients to deliver quality rich media experiences that drive their broader marketing campaigns. Check out the work we’ve done for clients in a variety of industries.

Avoid Initial Expenditures

Hiring someone that specializes in the type of creative production that you require can be expensive. Between salaries, benefits, and the cost of onboarding and training — you’ll be tens of thousands of dollars in the hole before their efforts begin to generate their first trickles of revenue.

It’s also likely that you’ll have to make investments in hardware and software tools for your in-house team as well. For creative projects that differ from the types of projects that you’ve worked on previously, it could also mean building out complete project management and proofing procedures that are specific to the creative format.

More Strategic Agility

Best rich media ads

Best rich media ads

Most creative production agencies will have a wealth of experience in a very specific area. Here at Digaland, we specialize in rich media digital advertisements. Interactivity is custom-baked into the projects that we work on. Since we have a very specific specialization, we have a deep understanding of how interactive ads, videos, and other rich media fit into the broader marketing strategies of our clients. We know the channels. We understand the platforms.

That means that we aren’t just a creative++ production team, we’re a partner that works with you to shape your rich media investments in ways that are likely to produce a measurable return for your business.

Working with us means that you have access to a bigger team. We help digital media teams create seamless HTML5 and rich media ads and experiences — even on tight deadlines!

An Important Cog in the Wheel

Your in-house digital media marketing team is an important asset for your business. They design the strategies that drive growth. But you can’t expect them to bring expertise from every channel, platform, and media type. Working with a creative production team partner allows your digital media teams to focus on strategy, and enjoy more strategic agility while saving money in the process.

Ready to work with a rich media creative production team that will make your in-house team more effective? Drop us a line here.