Remember when Creative Banner simply meant posting a video on a landing page, or seeing a GIF of a dancing baby? It wasn’t that long ago, but how quickly times have changed. In fact rich media technology has evolved so much since the first video advertisement that if you’re looking to enhance your digital marketing today using the latest rich media solutions, you are probably questioning where to start. The answer might just be talking with a full service rich media agency.

Full service rich media agency? Here are five reasons why

There are plenty of mom and pop production houses and freelance digital consultants out there that could give you a few of the rich media creative solutions you need. But how much is it going to cost you in time, money and creativity? But when you choose a full service agency for your rich media, you know you can rely on:

  1. The latest rich media technology and platforms
  2. Better creative cohesion with HTML5 Ads
  3. Smarter digital strategy
  4. Faster turnaround times on your rich media solutions
  5. Bigger savings and a better bottom line

Access to the latest technology and platforms

When you chose a full service agency for your rich media needs, most will be better qualified—and even certified—to work with the latest in cross platform technologies, products and formats, including HTML5 ads, Pointroll, Admotion, Mediamind and many more platforms. When a good rich media agency stays fully exposed to all of the new innovations and technologies, it greatly benefits the final creative solution—and your business.

Better cohesion across the board

Maybe you are building a brand and need a new microsite, more engaging banners, and a digital slider to better tell your story. You could have each of these projects outsourced separately, or you could turn to a full service rich media agency and have assured consistency and creative cohesion across the board. It will be less hassle too, as all of your resources will be handled in one place, by one professional team.

High impact creative : Smarter digital and rich media strategy

Most full service rich media agencies have a mix of both young, tech-savvy creative professionals along with season strategists who have been playing in the digital sandbox for years. Together you get more insights, more ideas and better solutions to help you push the boundaries of where rich media can go.

Faster, better service too – Dynamic Rich Media

Going full service means you can count on your digital rich media agency to be there when you need them. That means better customer service professionals, better technology tools, and better creative professionals who have a deeper knowledge of digital production agency. In the end, a full service agency can help get your rich media solutions in market faster.

Bigger savings and a better bottom line

Of course you care about producing exceptional and successful rich media solutions. But the business side of you is also concerned with the bottom line. And that’s fine—it’s what keeps the wheels in motion. Thankfully, choosing a full service rich media agency can actually save you money in the long run. Full service agencies have all the resources they need in-house. This means faster production, High Quality Banners, no wasted time or expenses and final products that hit the mark. That means you save money on production, and get better ROI, too.

In short, when it comes to Digital creative agency and better results, it pays to stay ahead of the game. Investigating a solid full service rich media agency is the smart way to go to keep you on the forefront without burdening your budget.

Rich Media Ads

Rich Media Ads