Technology and rich media advertising has rapidly changed the face of branding in all industries—particularly for publishers and media companies wanting to extend that brand online. That’s why to survive and thrive online, forward-thinking organizations really need to investigate the benefits of a digital production rich media kit.

How a rich media kit helped E! Entertainment expand their online branding

Here at Digitaland we recently completed a killer rich media kit to help the E! Entertainment sales forces get their rich media ad placement easier and faster than ever all while ensuring that the brand and user experience are all optimized. The media kit designed for E! is a microsite designed to be an easy to use online sales tool. It contains an intuitive, highly visual and scrollable menu of sample banner ads and features that the sales teams could take to their agencies, including:

  • Standard banners in all variations
  • The latest rich media formats
  • Mobile banners in several forms
  • Videos, preroll and more

For example, the standard banner selection in this amazing digital media kit included an E! branded pushdown banner, billboard, slider, floating ad and expandable banner. The kit also included static, rich interstitial and adhesion banner ads for mobile as well as completely branded video and pre-roll rich media solutions. Since the ads have already been executed for placement, it helps the E! sales for easily get their brand into market.

pushdown-solo – Dynamic banner production

How can a “rich media banner kit” help you?

As you can see in the E! Entertainment example above, today’s Digital Production kits are different and richer than ever. Media kits have to evolve from the paper world to the digital, and they are doing so very quickly. Before long every online publisher will need a killer media kit to get themselves and their brand into market and stay ahead of the competition.

Consider the many other benefits it can bring you and your sales team:

1) A menu of completely branded, ready to sale rich media ads solutions

With an online media kit full of High impact ad formats to choose from, your brand will simply sell itself. Publishing ads online will be as easy as “pick and choose.” Each option is flawlessly executed.

2) Back-end feature lets you easily customize your media kit’s content.

Plus, each online rich media kit lets you easily change, refresh or customize the demos and samples to fit your changing needs. It’s easy to keep the content up to date and fresh.

3) No more convincing your branding bosses to brand your company online

If you have any decision makers who have been hesitant to make a marketing move online, now you have a tool to help change their mind. With an awesome digital media kit filled with branded rich media ads, you can easily show them just how easy it is to publish innovative banners online.

4) Have the power of Google analytics at your fingertips

Another huge advantage for having a media kit website filled with rich media solutions is that it also comes with the power of Google analytics. You can check any and all pages that a user visits and see exactly how many people have downloaded your ad spec, clicked through and even who have converted to your brand.

5) Rich media kits make you look like the pro you are

Besides being an excellent tool to help your sales team advance your brand, being the one to instigate and create a killer rich media kit makes you look like the marketing-savvy guy you want to be in the fast evolving digital world.

In short, an online media kit for your rich media solutions is one of the best tools you can have for publishing the latest banners, mobile ads and video for your brand. It’s easy to use, packed with features and clearly helps you brand yourself better in today’s marketplace.

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