Rich Media Vendors says that Rich media ads are becoming more prevalent as they continue to prove to be more engaging to customers across many industries. The automotive industry is no different.

In fact, the automotive industry is a perfect place for rich media ads, because they open up many opportunities to create a more emotional, exciting and engaging experience for car buyers.

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There are many Creative Banner ways to make rich media ads more enticing to people shopping for a new car. Below are just a few ideas.

  1. Interactivity. Color is one of the hardest choices for car buyers to choose from. Imagine if your ad allowed a potential car buyer to interact with the car in your rich media banner—using gaming elements in the ad to let them change a car’s color, add additional features and even “rev” the engine using sound.
  2. Video. One of the coolest features of today’s rich media ads is the use of video to engage with potential customers. In the automotive industry a video ad would be ideal for showcasing the features or performance of an automobile. Nothing gets a car buyer more excited about a car than being able to see visually how it handles the road.
  3. Animation. Just as many TV ads have used animation to sell cars, the same could be done with your rich media banner. The digital landscape is ideal for colorful and creative animation techniques.
  4. Scrolling galleries. Presentation galleries can also be used to showcase a car’s features. Like in this rich media banner for the Nissan Leaf, which allows users to scroll down in dynamic fashion in order to learn more about the car.
  5. Click-through buttons or links. You can also have users click through from different areas of your rich media ad and visit your mobile website to learn more.
  6. Incorporate geo-technology. Another advantage of rich media ads is the ability to incorporate location-based technology to become more relevant to users. For example, a car dealer could add in a “find a dealer” feature into their ad and even combine it with direct response features like scheduling a test drive and more. That’s a very impactful combination that does much of the work for you.

These are just six tips and ideas to get your creative brain thinking. Rich media advertising opens the doors for nearly limitless creativity and engagement opportunities for the automotive industry and others.

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You can see this tips applied to our latest Rich Media Banner ad here

leaf - High impact creative

leaf – High impact creative