Dynamic creative advertising means that you offer different people different creative. 

In the past, everybody was forced to view the same television ad or billboard. Dynamic creatives make it possible to serve specific groups of people and even specific individuals with content containing tailored ads. 

Since a few years ago, brands now have access to a huge amount of data as well as powerful digital platforms. 

Programmatic ad tools in the platforms world are transforming the ad purchase and delivery process; so much so, that it is now possible to effectively and efficiently target and retarget creatives. Further, a growing list of online ad opportunities now makes it possible for brands to deliver creatives exactly where they want. 

Behind it all is data about audiences that was previously inaccessible to marketers. Today, marketers have access to audience browsing history, location, demographics, and much more. 

The role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in dynamic creative ads

Dynamic creative examples

Dynamic creative examples

Marketers are good at making use of their skills to target their audience in nuanced ways. However, a big roadblock to realizing the true power in dynamic creative ads has always been one – the creative.

While there are seemingly endless opportunities to deliver ads, it was difficult to create an endless supply of ad variations. 

This is where AI comes in and makes the entire process – from the segmentation phase to campaign modeling and attribution phases – better. But AI has the greatest impact on how marketers are now able to produce several creative versions. 

AI is capable of analyzing, learning, continuously testing, delivering, and reworking campaigns without the intervention of a human being. In fact, artificial intelligence makes the efforts of marketers much more effective. 

An interesting fact about AI’s power to enhance digital advertising is that it is just starting, and the full potential is yet to be realized!

Benefits of dynamic ads

  • Decreasing ad spending while increasing campaign ROI 

    • Dynamic ad solutions offer automated personalization capabilities that help increase your campaign’s levels of engagement, leading to higher marketing ROI.
  • Improving conversion rates and loyalty

    • Adopting a comprehensive and personalized communication strategy with clients helps boost their purchase intent as well as your brand’s favorability. 
  • Delivering maximal relevance at scale

    • Dynamic ads allow you to leverage and develop numerous unique creatives but each version stays true to its relevance to each viewer.  


Let’s see Examples


Runs thousands of ads for multiple dealerships in different locations, for multiple car models with different pricing and APR %.

Based on these factors, each user will view the same ad but with different information on the information above. Two of the thousands of ad variations include:



Runs different video edit ads for all its US stores, and each contains a different message, including A/B testing. In fact, UPS has 75,000 video versions of a single ad:


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