Digital Production

Minority report, the 5th element, Blade runner and lots and lots of sci-fi movies during the last few centuries predicted the personalization age of advertising.

Well, the future is much closer than we thought; here is a collection of a few futuristic technologies that you can utilize right now in your marketing campaign:

Track and recognize buyers in a store using cameras in mannequins eyes

Yes, you’ve read it right, an Italian company provides mannequins that are equipped with cameras and supported by proprietary software that allows you to be notified if a potential customer is approaching a certain area of the store.

The software uses face recognition to track facial features of people who pass along and provides statistical and contextual information, allowing optimization of brands messages and layout organization of the store.

Having a real-time method of data flow to the store manager allows real time changes to be made to the product positioning, and even notifying a store member to approach a potential customer that is looking at an object for a while, and might need that extra attention to make the purchase.

Face recognizing outdoor billboards

On your way to the store? On the street window shopping? Digital Banner Production brings you a New technology from 3D exposure utilized in a campaign in the UK, delivered a tailored message after recognizing if the person in front of the billboard was a male or a female.

With a simple call to action, to get the user intrigued, and a fast face scan to detect if the person is a male or a female, a different brand message appeared.


This technology uses Bluetooth to ‘tell’ mobile devices that they are near a certain location and push Effective Ads, content or offers to them.

This is much more accurate than GPS that ‘knows’ that you’re in a mall, but rather this technology actually allows you to know that a user is near a certain product at Best Buy or even next to the blue polo shirts at Lacoste.

For that to work, several companies are developing ‘beacons’ which are devices (like this one) that you can place all over a store, and program it to push specific content or data to the users phone when it’s nearby, it provides the shop owner data such as interaction with specific area of the store/product and users can even check-out without going through the cashier.

This provides real time, live monitoring and detection of as low as 4 inches of accuracy, which allows stores to push content to nearby users, and even monitor in real-time how many active users are nearby and how many actually interacted.

So as you can see, in the very near future promotions and ads will be delivered in not-so-traditional and known methods such as banner ads or native advertising, but rather surround us in our car, on the street and even inside the store, tracking our location real time and providing relevant and contextual content and offers.

Tie all these together; from TV ads that raise awareness, banner ads that drive to action and physical tracking and targeting and you can see the entire path to conversion for your potential customer.

As no platform provides integration with all the above under one umbrella, we already see the movement towards convergence of TV and online, and soon mobile and physical as well.