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Building creative for a global campaign in record time

Providing an all-in-one production solution to the Battery Agency for the Battlegrounds PS4 global launch

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The backstory:

What do you do when you have (1) a creative concept (2) a global launch and (3) you need a partner who can provide translation, design and production services?

  • Creative

  • Global

  • Translation, Design
    & production

When PlayStation retained the Battery Agency to help roll out a global launch for the new Battlegrounds PS4 video game, the agency immediately began looking for a digital production partner that knew how to handle large-scale production.

This wasn’t a normal digital production project, with a master ad and a few resizes. The Battery Agency needed a partner that could handle the scope of a global campaign – juggling multiple concepts, languages and formats across a large number of banners and resizes – on a tight timeline, while making it easy for both the Battery Agency and PlayStation teams to review the final creative.

  • Multiple

  • Multiple

  • Multiple

  • Tight

The result was victorious

  • 12


  • 18


  • 4

    Creative concepts

  • 150

    Banners created

  • 12


  • 1

    Production time

Services we've provided

  • HTML5 animation
  • HTML5 banner development
  • Translation services
  • Creative adaptations
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Creative direction is half the battle

When the Battery Agency came to us, they had a solid creative direction and great assets. What they needed was a partner that could bring that vision to life.

After we built out the initial concepts, we dove into the production, working tirelessly to deliver the creative for a global campaign. One month later, everything was pixel perfect and launch ready.

Not lost in translation

Global campaigns usually require coordinating between multiple vendors for translation, design and production. We handled everything in-house, which meant faster turn times.

Reaching gamers with animation

The animation capabilities of HTML5 are part of what make these banners so high-impact. We took the client’s creative direction and developed four different concepts that captured the high-resolution animation that gamers love.

Staying nimble worldwide

Optimizing file sizes is extra important in global campaigns, when audiences may be browsing on slower devices and networks. Our team’s hand coding skills kept every banner under 150kb, for faster load times around the world.

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Keeping it all organized

We built our proprietary AdX platform to streamline our production process and provide more transparency to our clients. We put it to the test on this project, and it was up for the challenge.

The Battery Agency team was able to easily keep track of multiple concepts, formats and language variations, while seamlessly submitting their feedback and approvals. Anytime they wanted an update, they just logged in for instant status.

Maintaining consistency.

Our proprietary Animation Compare tool helped us ensure consistency across every banner and gave the Battery Agency team an easy way to compare multiple pieces of creative at a glance.

Animation Compare
Banner 01
Banner 02

A blueprint for successful large-scale production

There’s a lot that goes into creating a global campaign. The last thing the Battery Agency needed was looking for multiple vendors to handle the different parts of the digital production process. They needed a digital production partner who could do it all, from translation to production, while meeting tight timelines and keeping everyone in the loop.

Since Digitaland handles everything in-house with a dedicated design, development and copy team, that means faster delivery times and less hands-on management time for our clients.

Our field-tested processes and tools have helped us deliver thousands of pixel perfect, on-brand creative for global campaigns.

No more finding (and managing) multiple providers for every project

Digitaland does it all, so you don’t have to:

  • Creative direction

    Copy, design strategy & development

  • Digital production

    HTML5 banners, emails, landing pages & more

  • Translation services

    Great for global campaigns or targeting certain market segments