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Building a new direction for a professional

Refreshing ISACA’s voice and broadening their reach with high-impact landing pages, emails, banners and more.

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  • Design
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The backstory:

When ISACA first approached us, they wanted to shake up their organization’s digital marketing strategy with new, attention-grabbing creative.

The professional organization’s resources are the gold standard in the information governance world, but they wanted to reach more of their audience with multi-channel campaigns. They were also looking for a new voice - professional but personable - and a fresh look and feel.

Oh, and they needed one vendor who could handle it all.Enter Digitaland!

We’ve since developed the creative strategy, messaging, design and source files for multiple ISACA campaigns - building everything from landing pages and emails, to social ads and HTML5 banners - so ISACA can reach its audience, wherever they are.

What we've built

  • 86

    HTML5 banners

  • 12

    Landing pages

  • 1

    Interactive quiztool

  • 11


  • 16

    Social media ads

Services we've provided

  • Creative design direction
  • Messaging strategy
  • Copywriting
  • HTML5 banner development
  • Email development
  • Social media ad development
  • Landing page development
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Landing pages


Interactive tools


Social Media Ads



A new voice, look and feel

ISACA has top-shelf offerings, but the messaging and UX on their campaigns wasn’t doing justice to their great resources. Our job was to build strong messaging and high impact designs into every step of the user journey, from initial ad to landing page.

With just a logo, some photos and ISACA’s vision to guide us, we built the creative strategy and deliverables that became the blueprint for future projects.

Using urgency where it counts

We love countdown clocks for driving home the message that this is a limited time offer.

Optimizing for conversions

Clear messaging and a strong CTA showed ISACA’s target audience the exact next steps to take.

Using urgency where it counts

We love countdown clocks for driving home the message that this is a limited time offer.

Prepping for every scenario

On another project, ISACA was gearing up to run a promo, but they also needed creative for when the promo was over.

We helped ISACA make the most of the campaign by building different variations – with and without a promo – plus a separate retargeting campaign to help them recapture the attention of prospects.

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Keep mixing it up

When ISACA was ready to bring an interactive quiz from a third-party platform onto their internal server, they needed someone to build the quiz and the associated campaign materials to drive traffic. We love how this interactive quiz – and the user journey - turned out!

The convenience of a one-stop shop

The amazing team at ISACA is busy. To make the most of their time, they needed a digital production partner who could do it all, from concept to production, and everything in between.

Since Digitaland handles everything in-house with a dedicated design, development and copy team, that means faster delivery times and less hands-on management time for our clients.

The result is a cohesive look and feel across multiple channels and deliverables, which is great for boosting brand recall and delivering a top-notch user experience.

No more finding (and managing) multiple providers for every project

Digitaland does it all, so you don’t have to:

  • Creative direction

    Copy, design strategy & development

  • Digital production

    HTML5 banners, emails, landing pages & more

  • Project management made easy

    Get real-time updates & more on our AdX platform.

  • Quickly review

    All your creative assets side-by-side with our Animation Compare tool.