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Delivering top-notch creative on a deadlineal

How we helped media agency Publicis make a rush holiday campaign a reality for their client, Zignum

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The backstory:

Publicis, a media agency representing iconic brands like Diesel, Heineken and Lancôme, approached us because they needed a digital production partner that could deliver pixel perfect work on a tight timeline.

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  • Digital Production

Their client, Zignum, an established mezcal brand in Mexico, was ready to expand into the U.S. market. Zignum’s leadership team also wanted to capitalize on the fast-approaching holidays.

Since the campaign was part of a new expansion effort, there weren’t a lot of assets to work with yet. Zignum needed new, U.S.-facing messaging and a cohesive look and feel for the creative, along with lightning-fast turn times. We helped keep the holidays merry and bright by delivering exactly that.

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  • Cohesive

  • lightning-fast
    turn times

The results

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Services we've provided

  • Video OOH (Out of Home advertising)
  • Creative design direction
  • Messaging strategy
  • Copywriting
  • HTML5 banner development
  • Social media ad development
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Countdown to unforgettable creative

We had four components to tackle in this project:

  • 1
    Provide creative direction.
  • 2
    Develop uniquemessaging for each of Zignum’s different audience segments in the U.S. and Mexico.
  • 3
    Build the creative and...
  • 4
    Maintain a consistent look and feel across the deliverables.

From nothing to something

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a ton of assets to build high-impact creative. We opted to keep the campaign’s imagery and messaging clean and smooth, just like Zignum.

Short and sweet

Time is of the essence when trying to capture web-surfing users’ attention. That’s why we kept these ads short, at 15 seconds. They’re long enough for the viewer to grasp the message on each frame and short enough to make an impression.

Tiny powerhouse

It’s not enough to build high-impact ads. They need to load quickly, or you risk bogging down page load times and losing the viewer. Our team knows how to hand code, which keeps the file sizes small. All these banners are under 150kb, for fast load times.

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Winning at international messaging

A challenge in international campaigns is crafting a message that’s on brand, but connects with the target audience in every county. We’ve found the most effective ads are deliberately developed for each audience segment.

Since Zignum has won numerous awards, we took the concept of winning and developed a unique angle on it for each of the target markets.

From online to offline.

We’re experts in digital production, and that usually means developing creative for online use. But sometimes a client needs offline creative, too.

Zignum wanted to use outside video advertising in their launch, so we took the online campaign creative and developed a video version for use in OOH efforts. The best practices for high-impact, online ads - think clear messaging, clean layout and crisp imagery - work beautifully offline, too.

Online/Offline creative

Getting it done on a tight deadline

In a perfect world, you would have ample time to plan and build out all your digital marketing efforts. But in today’s fast-paced reality, digital marketers at both brands and their agencies are constantly battling deadlines.

One of the reasons Publicis reached out to Digitaland was our track record of delivering complex projects, even on a time-crunch.

Since Digitaland handles everything in-house with a dedicated design, development and copy team, that means faster delivery times and less hands-on management time for our clients.

We’re your on-demand digital production team.

Digitaland does it all, so you don’t have to. That frees up your resources so you can:

  • Scale your business

  • Reduce production costs

  • Reduce hands-on management time

  • Build better client relationships